cover image Haunting Investigation: A Chesterton Holte Mystery

Haunting Investigation: A Chesterton Holte Mystery

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. Cleveland (, $27.99 (380p) ISBN 978-1-943052-01-1

Set in 1924, this first in a paranormal mystery series from old pro Yarbro (best known for the Saint Germain historical vampire novels) is an agreeable and inventive yarn. Poppy Thornton, a young socialite, is trying desperately to break into crime reporting for the Philadelphia Clarion when she’s approached by the titular Holte, the helpful ghost of a spy executed with Poppy’s father during WWI. The murder of an upper-crust acquaintance of Poppy gives Poppy her chance. The death appears connected to other crimes committed at a level of society that the working-class police and reporters have difficulty exploring. As Poppy cleverly exploits her social connections, Holte interviews the spirits of several murder victims, hindered by the fact that ghosts tend to be forgetful. It’s all good fun until the action breaks off abruptly at the end. Of course, a series may have continuing themes, but this book leaves far too many plot threads dangling. (Dec.)