cover image Father and Son: A Nativity Story

Father and Son: A Nativity Story

Geraldine McCaughrean, , illus. by Fabian Negrin. . Hyperion, $16.99 (32pp) ISBN 978-1-4231-0344-8

For those who believe Joseph gets short shrift in the stories of Jesus' birth, McCaughrean (Not the End of the World ) offers some vindication in her provocatively imagined tale of what the new father may have felt upon the holy child's arrival. The author posits that an overwhelmed Joseph must have wondered, "How is a simple man like me to bring up the Son of God?" Joseph's thoughts on what he has to offer a child who already possesses divine knowledge and power are realistic, heartfelt and humbling. At times, Negrin's (The Selfish Giant ) portraits are uneven, but his peaceful mixed-media illustrations and nature-inspired borders skillfully depict the text's juxtaposition of the simple and the awe-inspiring. Ages 4-8. (Oct. )