cover image Red Planet

Red Planet

Robert A. Heinlein, , read by William Dufris and a full cast. . Full Cast Audio, $45 (0pp) ISBN 978-1-934180-26-6

Heinlein’s 1949 novel of a space frontier culture is brought to life with Full Cast Audio’s signature quality of talented voices and an evocative musical score. The colonists live a fragile existence on Mars as they try to survive without offending the native Martians—while satisfying the Corporation’s hunger for profit. But greed throws this delicate balance off, and young Jim and Frank with their Martian friend, Willis, must negotiate their way among the opposing groups in order to keep their families safe and the Martians content. The masterful William Dufris, director and main narrator, pulls listeners into the stories with his deep, smooth voice. The energetic cast provides colorful voices for the quirky characters without overacting. The musical score helps with transitions as well as setting the mood and declaratively ending a scene. A Del Rey paperback. (Feb.)