cover image Walking Two Worlds

Walking Two Worlds

Joseph Bruchac. 7th Generation (Orca, dist.), $9.95 trade paper (160p) ISBN 978-1-939053-10-7

The true story of Seneca leader Ely Parker (1828–1895) inspires this fast-paced work of historical fiction, which joins the PathFinders line of books, written at a second-grade reading level. Ely, whose Seneca name is Hasanoanda, becomes a star pupil at the Tonawanda Baptist School, where he faces ridicule and prejudice as he learns English. He goes on to establish himself as an engineer and represents the Seneca in key treaties and land deals, before becoming a personal secretary to Ulysses S. Grant in the 1860s. Through brief chapters and vivid descriptions, Bruchac, who is of partial Abenaki descent, offers a full-bodied portrait of a dedicated young man holding on to the traditions of his heritage while adapting to an encroaching world. Ages 12–16. (Apr.)