cover image One Night for Love

One Night for Love

Mary Balogh. Dell Publishing Company, $7.99 (384pp) ISBN 978-0-440-22600-0

Bestselling author Balogh (The Last Waltz) bursts the bounds of genre in this emotionally complex Regency. Enchanting and lovely Lily Doyle, a sergeant's daughter, is hurriedly married to Neville Wyatt, Major Lord Newbury, in Portugal, after her father is killed in a military skirmish: if she's captured by the French, her status as an officer's wife will protect her. Another battle ensues, and Neville, who's wounded, wakes up believing that Lily has been killed. More than a year later, back in England, a very much alive Lily interrupts Neville's second wedding. Aside from one jilted bride, all's as it's meant to be. But whatever seemed right and good in Portugal is suddenly terribly wrong in England. Lily's no lady: illiterate and rough around the edges, she's hardly the proper material for an earl's wife. Love may not conquer all. A passionate novel with mature, compelling characters who struggle for self-knowledge and for the survival of their loves, this is one of Balogh's best. (July)