cover image Dare to Go A-Hunting

Dare to Go A-Hunting

Andre Norton. Tor Books, $17.95 (248pp) ISBN 978-0-312-85012-8

Farree, the misshapen orphan rescued from the slums of the Limits who discovered his wings in Flight in Yiktor , now seeks his own kind, known only from distant legends associated with a fabled Terran past. With Free Trader Krip Vorlund and the sorceress Maelen, his friends and protectors who have found wings such as his for sale in a market, he begins a journey to his birth planet. There Winglings, Hodlins, Darda and others battle men who would enslave them and steal the treasures long associated with the Little People, whose efforts to save themselves are hampered by treason, internecine warfare and their inability to touch iron. Norton, who wrote about the Faerie in Huon of Horn , takes these mythical people to the edge of extinction in the far future, where she allows her engaging hero to find his destiny. ( Jan. )