cover image Flight of Vengeance: Witch World: The Turning

Flight of Vengeance: Witch World: The Turning

Andre Norton. Tor Books, $21.95 (383pp) ISBN 978-0-312-85014-2

Schaub is credited as author of the two long tales (comprising more than 370 of the 384 pages) that, framed by a short introduction and afterword, make up this sequel to Storms of Victory, co-written by Nebula Grandmaster Norton and Griffin. In ``Exile,'' the inhabitants of Witch World continue to cope with the aftermath of the catastrophic Turning of the first book. Nolar, a young woman disfigured by a facial birthmark and cast out of her family, is tutored by a brilliant scholar and comes late to her psychic powers. She and Duratan, one of the Witches nearly destroyed during the earlier Turning, search for a healing power and uncover traces of an ancient evil about to be set loose again. The second offering, ``Falcon Hope,'' takes up the tale of Holdlady Una of Seakeep and the mercenary leader, Tarlach the Falconer, who seeks a new start for his people and their avian bond-mates, wandering homeless for many years and threatened with extinction. This addition to the new Witch World series surpasses its acclaimed predecessor; engaging protagonists, vivid writing and thoughtful development offer excellent entertainment. (Dec.)