cover image Songsmith: A Witch World Novel

Songsmith: A Witch World Novel

Andre Norton. Tor Books, $19.95 (295pp) ISBN 978-0-312-85123-1

The further history of the Witchworld--set almost two generations after the Kolder War--is brought vividly to life by Nebula Grand Master Norton and Crispin (the Starbridge series) in their second collaboration, after Gryphon's Eyrie . Young songsmith Eydryth of Kar Garudwyn ranges far from her home of Arvon, beyond the Dales, seeking help for her brain-damaged father. but she is rebuffed by the witches of Estcarp for daring to seek aid for a man. Alon, a young horseman mounted on a much-feared Keplian steed, becomes Eydryth's ally, leading her to Escore and its healing lady. When angry witches pursue the pair,, Alon reveals himself an Adept who has forsworn his psychic Power because it caused his dearest friend's death. Still to come is much greater danger, as a maddened and newly powerful witch seeks to destroy any man using the Power that the witches barred to the masculine sex. The authors have carefully refurbished Witchworld, rebuilding its glories (and its terrors) and setting the stage for adventures to come. (May)