cover image Storms of Victory

Storms of Victory

Andre Norton, P. M. Griffin. Tor Books, $19.95 (432pp) ISBN 978-0-312-93171-1

Nebula Grand Master Norton ( Dare to Go A-Hunting ; Wizards' Worlds ) is back at the top of her form in one of two tales beginning a new series. ``Port of Dead Ships'' follows Destree m'Regnant, a young woman despised by her people, the Sulcars, due to the circumstances of her birth and her powers of foreseeing. On a sea expedition to investigate disturbances to the south, her slowly maturing powers save her shipmates and the lost souls entrapped by an ancient evil that manipulates a Gate to many worlds. Griffin's ( Fire Planet ) contribution tells of the developing bond between a Holdlady of the Dales and the leader of a band of Falconers. Una of Seakeep hires the women-hating Falconers to defend her isolated hold from the depredations of her neighbor, a wrecker who wants to use her rocky coasts to lure more ships to their doom. The reluctant mercenaries take on the engagement and begin to develop bonds with the wild and beautiful Seakeep, particularly Tarlach, the leader. After a battle with men and ancient power, it remains for Una to create an answer for both peoples. These two tales make up the strongest entries in the Witch World saga in many years. (Mar)