cover image Dragonseye


Anne McCaffrey. Del Rey, $24 (384pp) ISBN 978-0-345-38821-6

The 11th book of McCaffrey's popular Dragonriders of Pern series, just entering its 30th year, revives the menace of the deadly Thread, silver strands that rain from the sky and destroy all organic life. The planet Pern hasn't seen Thread for more than 250 years. But ominous signs-violent winter storms and sudden volcanic eruptions-herald the approach of the Red Star, believed to be the source of Threadfall. While loyal Dragonriders begin training in earnest, trying to sharpen Thread-fighting skills that haven't been needed for centuries (dragon's fire being the only effective weapon against Thread), the Lord Holders of the land must prepare Pern's inhabitants for the coming danger. A single stingy Lord's refusal to cooperate in the preparations, however, threatens the safety of everyone around him. Meanwhile, teachers toil to develop a new curriculum to preserve knowledge before it is lost forever. McCaffrey (The Dolphins of Pern) brings us another diverse cast of responsible, heroic good guys and dragons in a novel that's going to please fans old and new-and probably burn up the charts like dragon's fire. (Feb.)