cover image Body, Inc.: 
The Tipping Point Trilogy, Vol. 2

Body, Inc.: The Tipping Point Trilogy, Vol. 2

Alan Dean Foster. Del Rey, $15 trade paper (304p) ISBN 978-0-345-51199-7

Dr. Ingrid Seastrom wants answers to her burning scientific curiosity. Whispr, a petty thief and the doctor’s traveling companion, is only in it for the money. Together, the unlikely pair have fled Namerica for Africa to track down the maker of a strange device: a thread of indeterminate origin. The thread’s appearance has caused considerable chaos, including the death of Whispr’s buddy and a deadly chase across the Namerican South. Now the pair have traced the sinister item to the equally sinister Sick, Inc. With at least one shadowy assassin on their heels, the mismatched pair of industrial spies defy death once again. This underwhelming sequel to 2010’s The Human Blend merges elements of pure science fiction, adventure espionage, and TV spy spoofs, with regrettably little result. (Apr.)