cover image Aftermath


Kelley Armstrong. Crown, $17.99 (384p) ISBN 978-0-399-55038-6

In this absorbing, fast-paced thriller, Skye Gilchrist is back at Riverside Collegiate High School, yet her welcome is anything but warm. Three years ago, her brother, Luka, was killed in a school shooting—and he was one of the shooters. Also killed that day was the brother of Skye’s crush, Jesse Mandal. Now back at school, Skye discovers that Jesse is not the studious boy she once knew: he’s pessimistic, skips class, and was expelled from another school for fighting. But when someone concocts a series of events trying to make it look like Skye is causing mayhem, Jesse comes to her aid. Can they bridge the divide between them and stop another killing? Armstrong sensitively handles the aftermath of a school shooting from multiple perspectives—that of the victims’ families and the family of the shooter. She also effectively tackles the topics of bullying and how acting out can be a sign of grief and pain. Skye and Jesse’s burgeoning romance sweetens this insightful drama. Ages 12–up. [em]Agent: Sarah Heller, Hellen Heller Agency. (May) [/em]