cover image Otherworld Secrets

Otherworld Secrets

Kelley Armstrong. Plume, $16 trade paper (416p) ISBN 978-0-45-229835-4

This collection of six paranormal stories dips into the lives of six characters or couples from Armstrong's Otherworld, offering a sort of comfort-food vibe for those who are already familiar with her world. Each of the stories has a theme meant to inspire adrenaline: a supernatural heist ("Life after Theft"), a hunt for a small-town killer ("Forbidden"), a mission to flush out a traitor in the angelic ranks ("Angelic"), a ghostly case of stalking ("The Ungrateful Dead"), a territory takeover ("Zen and the Art of Vampirism"), and another murder, this time with a side of conspiracy and betrayal ("Counterfeit Magic"). These stories are entertaining, but they lack the pacing and urgency to be truly captivating, instead leaning heavily on the audience's familiarity with and love for the characters to carry the day. This is a good collection for Otherworld fans, but new readers may find it fun yet forgettable. (Feb.)