cover image Primary Target: A Quarry Novel

Primary Target: A Quarry Novel

Max Allan Collins. Foul Play Press, $14.95 (190pp) ISBN 978-0-88150-098-1

The fifth ""Quarry'' novel (the first in hardcover and the first in 10 years) is fast and snappy. Ex-assassin narrator Quarry is offered a million dollars to kill a presidential candidate. Cozily retired, and with a pregnant young wife, Quarry refuses, becoming a ``loose end'' to dangerous men who kill his wife. He fakes his own death and heads for the Midwest headquarters of the candidate, a repulsive figure who has a conspiracy theory about Jews, bankers, the Mafia and the British Royal Family. After a great deal of bloody action, Quarry becomes the candidate's security boss. Readers will soon realize who the true ``primary target'' isthe twist at the end is no surprisebut they'll enjoy the lickety-split plotting and not mind Quarry's vulgar style. Collins's background in comics (Dick Tracy) is evident in the nonstop action, as is the sure hand one expects from the Shamus-winning author of the Mallory and the Nolan (Spree) series. (October 16)