cover image The Consummata

The Consummata

Mickey Spillane and Max Allan Collins. Hard Case Crime, $9.95 trade paper (256p) ISBN 978-0-85768-288-8

Collins (Road to Perdition) once again successfully completes an unfinished Spillane crime novel, this one a sequel to 1967’s The Delta Factor. In the late 1960s, Morgan the Raider is on the run in Miami, after the Feds mistakenly ID him as the mastermind of a $40 million theft. Fortunately, Cuban exiles come to Morgan’s rescue in the city’s Little Havana neighborhood. Their leader asks him to recover $75,000 stolen from the anti-Castro émigrés by double agent Jaimie Halaquez, who infiltrated their movement on behalf of the Cuban government. When Morgan learns that Halaquez has been banned from Miami’s bordellos because of his violent tendencies, he explores rumors that a legendary dominatrix, the Consummata, is coming to town, to see whether she’ll lead him to Halaquez. There are ample servings of the sex and violence Spillane fans have come to expect, and it’s impossible to tell where Spillane’s work stops and Collins’s begins. (Oct.)