cover image How Many Days to America?: A Thanksgiving Story

How Many Days to America?: A Thanksgiving Story

Eve Bunting. Clarion Books, $16 (32pp) ISBN 978-0-89919-521-6

The latest in the series of Bunting's holiday books, this places the story of the Pilgrims in contemporary times. In an unnamed Caribbean country, a boy and his little sister watch from under the bed as the soldiers come to their house. When the soldiers leave, their father says that it is time to leave for America, where they will be free. In a small, crowded fishing boat many families set sail for the new land; the trip is a long and terrible one. There are moments of beautythe children see a whaleand moments of fearthey are boarded and robbed by pirates. And when they at last arrive in America, they are welcomed and fed, because it is Thanksgiving Day. Eloquently told, with lush, affecting illustrations, here is a Thanksgiving story that knows no one season or race, but is for everyone all year 'round. Ages 5-9. (September)