cover image The Mongoliad: Book One

The Mongoliad: Book One

Neal Stephenson, Greg Bear, Mark Teppo, E.D. deBirmingham, Erik Bear, Joseph Brassey, Cooper Moo. Amazon/47 North, $14.95 trade paper (450p) ISBN 978-1-61218-236-0

Stephenson (Snow Crash) and Bear (Blood Music) team up with an array of cross-genre and cross-platform storytellers to deliver an outstanding historical epic with exceptional character development and vivid world building. Begun in 2010 on various digital platforms, this collaborative project%E2%80%94the first book in the Mongoliad Trilogy, which itself is a part of the Foreworld Saga%E2%80%94is heavy on mysticism, dangerous journeys, and exciting hand-to-hand-combat. As Onghwe Khan, grandson of Genghis, sets his sights on Eastern Europe, a group of knights and warrior monks fight back and formulate a desperate plan to assassinate the current Khagan ("the Khan of Khans"), %C3%96gedei, in a bid to send his sons scrambling back to the heart of the Mongol Empire to claim their dead father's throne. In addition to the heroic battles%E2%80%94including swordfights, archery, wrestling, and martial arts%E2%80%94romance, political intrigue, and promises of betrayal and rebellion are suffused throughout this cinematic tale. Having introduced plenty of plot threads and characters, Stephenson and Bear & co. have set the bar high for the series. (Apr.)