cover image White Jenna

White Jenna

Jane Yolen. Tor Books, $17.95 (265pp) ISBN 978-0-312-93195-7

This sequel to Sister Light, Sister Dark follows Jenna into adulthood as she reluctantly fulfills the prophesy naming her the Anna, the warrior queen who will lead her people out of oppression. In the land of the Dales, conquered by the patriarchial Garunians, women living in communities known as Hames train girls to be warriors. They are able to call up their dark sisters, shadow souls who appear in the flesh with the moon or firelight to fight and work and love as their light sisters do. Jenna and two companions--Petra, a priestess in training, and Catrona, a warrior, plan to warn the other Hames of the danger from the usurping Lord Kalas. The small band joins up with the deposed king and his brother, Jenna's love Carum, whom she had rescued years before. The king uses Jenna to gain a greater following, but they are still too few. Yolen weaves a magical tale with wry, true-to-life observation, poetry and a touch of wit. (Oct.)