cover image Sisters


Danielle Steel, . . Delacorte, $25.95 (352pp) ISBN 978-0-385-34022-9

Four stunningly beautiful Connecticut-bred sisters pursue their \t\t disparate careers in prolific Steel's (H.R.H.) latest. There's Candy, 21, a supermodel with \t\t an eating disorder, on location in Paris; Annie, 26, a RISD-grad studying \t\t painting in Florence; Tammy, at 29 an L.A. TV producer with a new hit and no \t\t life; and Sabrina, 34, a workaholic, commitment-phobic family attorney. No \t\t matter what, all meet at Mommy and Daddy's for July 4, Thanksgiving and \t\t Christmas. During one of the reunions, a disastrous car accident kills their \t\t beautiful, dutiful mother and leaves artist Annie blind. Sabrina comes up with \t\t a plan for the sisters to live ensemble in a \t\t New York brownstone, so that they might grieve and ease Annie's transition into \t\t the sightless world. The questions then become Will Candy eat? Will Sabrina \t\t commit? Will Tammy have a hit? Will Annie transition? And will Dad love again? \t\t Legions of fans expect an emphatic yes, and they won't be disappointed. But \t\t they can also expect decapitation, rape and emotional betrayal, which work like \t\t little shocks to keep pages turning. (Feb.)