cover image Killer View

Killer View

Ridley Pearson, . . Putnam, $24.95 (340pp) ISBN 978-0-399-15505-5

At the start of bestseller Pearson's tension-filled sequel to Killer Weekend , a member of Blaine County sheriff Walt Fleming's search and rescue team is shot dead while looking for a missing skier during a snowstorm in Idaho. Soon after this tragedy, Walt's best friend, veterinarian Mark Aker, disappears; someone sexually assaults Aker's assistant; unexplained illnesses strike a nearby water-bottling facility; and hundreds of livestock die mysteriously. Walt realizes almost too late that the perplexing events are all tangentially tied to a masterfully planned domestic terrorist attack—and he could have a front-row seat at a Ruby Ridge–like showdown. The conflict between the two worlds Walt serves, “the obscenely affluent residents of Ketchum/Sun Valley and the locals who provided services for them,” provides an ideal backdrop. Pearson's relentless sense of pacing and serpentine plot will have readers furiously turning pages until the end. Author tour. (July)