cover image The Risk Agent

The Risk Agent

Ridley Pearson, read by Todd Haberkorn. Brilliance Audio, unabridged, 10 CDs, 11 hrs., $29.99 ISBN 978-1-4558-5459-2

As one of the two leads of this contemporary suspense novel set in China is female forensic accountant (and, conveniently, former Chinese intelligence agent) Grace Chu, narrator Todd Haberkorn must create a compelling and believable woman's voice. Fortunately, he does, which removes any barrier to an effective rendering of the first book, about efforts to rescue an employee of an American company snatched in China, in a promising new series from Pearson. The other protagonist, John Knox%E2%80%94an importer with security training based in Shanghai%E2%80%94who's introduced somewhat the worse for wear after more than a week in the jungles of Cambodia, could come across as a clich%C3%A9, the typical macho action hero, but Haberkorn helps to make him more than that, injecting an undertone of wry gallows humor to his performance. A Putnam hardcover. (June)