cover image A Shiver of Light

A Shiver of Light

Laurell K. Hamilton. Berkley, $27.95 (384p), ISBN 978-0-425-25566-7

Hamilton's return to her Merry Gentry series after five years makes for a rousing read. Keeping faerie princess Meredith Gentry and her (surprise) triplets safe from the rulers of both the Seelie and Unseelie courts is job number one for her lovers. The biggest threat is from her rapist, Seelie King Taranis. If he can legally claim partial paternity or bespell her while she dreams, his throne remains secure. Meanwhile, members of his court continue to flock to Merry; not only is she a fertility princess, she's the first of the fey to have given birth in years. Her powers and domain continue to expand through the pleasure she finds with her men. Hamilton's creativity in the sex scenes greatly enriches the narrative, as do the unforeseen, painful ramifications of true love. Given the time between books, a synopsis of the ever more complex politics within the world of faerie would be handy, but fans who frequently reread the series will enjoy this installment. (June)