cover image Bravo: A Jad Bell Novel

Bravo: A Jad Bell Novel

Greg Rucka. Little, Brown/Mulholland, $26 (304p) ISBN 978-0-316-18230-0

Former Special Forces Master Sgt. Jad Bell must try to thwart a threatened terrorist attack on the U.S. in bestseller Rucka’s explosive follow-up to Alpha (2012). The capture of Vosil Tohir (aka the Uzbek), who was the main organizer of the terrorist assault on the California theme park in the previous book, offers Bell some hope. Chief Warrant Officer Petra Nessuno—known to the Uzbek as Elisabetta Villanova, a sexy art dealer with a flair for languages—teams with Bell to crack Tohir and learn more about the terrorists’ plans. Trouble is, the Uzbek isn’t the highest rung of the ladder; he’s merely one bad guy on a list of increasingly shady characters that eventually leads to the man in charge, a mysterious, nationless presence known only as the Architect. Rucka never shies away from violence, but his bloody mayhem serves to underscore an impressively complex plot. [em]Agent: David Hale, DHS Literary. (July) [/em]