cover image Black Magick, Vol. 1: Awakening, Part One

Black Magick, Vol. 1: Awakening, Part One

Greg Rucka and Nicola Scott. Image, $9.99 trade paper (128p) ISBN 978-1-63215-675-4

Rowan Black is a New England-based cop who is secretly a witch. Writer Rucka (Gotham Central) brings his characteristically thoughtful take on procedural drama; Australian artist Scott (Earth 2) depicts Rowan's world in subtle ink washes. Rowan turns to a coven friend when she finds that a powerful magic user has found out her true identity and is coming for her, and things get worse from there. There are spells, cloudy magical effects, and a screaming harpy for good measure. The artwork is mostly in black and white, with some color for emphasis on magical items or phenomena. The details of Rowan's story sometimes vanish in confusing Law & Order: SVU%E2%80%93style patter, but overall it's a fresh take on the paranormal procedural. Rowan and her partner grow quite charming by the end of the series, leaving lots of questions at its climax. (May)