cover image The MacGregor Brides

The MacGregor Brides

Nora Roberts. Silhouette Books, $6.99 (377pp) ISBN 978-0-373-48350-1

The MacGregor Brides is a full-length contemporary spun off from Roberts's MacGregor series of category romances that began with the story of Daniel and Anna MacGregor. Here, their grandchildren, the cousins Laura, Gwen and Julia, are the brides. Each bride has a story, and Roberts makes sure all three are lively, romantic tales. The MacGregors' meddling matchmaking in the lives of their granddaughters is witty and well done, and the strong family ties among the three generations is a warm, heartening subtext. A modicum of suspended disbelief is called for in order to account for the three wealthy 20-something women living together, one of whom is a former First Daughter. But these are small enough quibbles for such a fun read. (Nov.)