cover image Eye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm

John Ringo, . . Baen, $26 (420pp) ISBN 978-1-4391-3273-9

Fans of the popular Legacy of the Aldenata series (A Hymn Before Battle , etc.) will rejoice as Ringo brings together characters and plot threads from his solo novels and collaborations. After the Earth is invaded by the voracious Posleen, Lt. Gen. Michael O’Neal discovers evidence that the Galactic Confederation’s Darhel leaders have been manipulating humanity to keep them from subverting the galactic order. Before O’Neal can take action, a new and totally unexpected threat, the Hedren, disrupt the Darhel sabotage. With the Confederation’s capital in danger of falling to the Hedren, O’Neal must organize a counterattack despite widespread corruption and apathy in Earth’s military. Some potential repercussions from prior events are resolved a bit too easily, but Ringo’s lively action scenes and thorough knowledge of military subculture dynamics make enjoyable reading. (July)