cover image In Enemy Hands an Honor Harrington Novel

In Enemy Hands an Honor Harrington Novel

David Weber, George Ed. Weber. Baen Books, $22 (544pp) ISBN 978-0-671-87793-4

In a surprisingly dreary outing, Weber (Honor Among Enemies) continues the military adventures of his perennial heroine, Honor Harrington. The most powerful officials in the People's Republic of Haven (at war with Manticore and its Royal Navy, for whom Honor fights) have decided to ease up a bit on their space navy, as annihilating officers' families after military mishaps has had a deadening effect on the troops. Cordelia Ransom, head of the Republic's Office of Public Information, takes a field trip to oversee how this and other policy decisions will affect the fleet. When Honor is captured by the Republic's forces, Cordelia uses every excuse to humiliate and try to break Honor. Meanwhile, Admiral of the Green Hamish Alexander and the loyal Grayson clan (including a tribe of the always adorable alien treecats) wait and worry, hoping that some miracle will save their beloved Honor. Far less exciting then previous volumes in the series, this novel is stuffed with backstory and political jockeying. With action sequences sparse until the final chapters, it is likely to disappoint all but the most avid of Honor's fans. (Sept.)