Andrew Albanese

The Frankfurt Book Fair Finds a New Normal
What’s Next for Audible Captions?
Frankfurt Book Fair Gets Back to Business
ALA 2019: PW Talks to ALA Washington Office Director Kathi Kromer
ALA 2019: Reynolds, Sotomayor Headline ALA 2019 Annual Conference
BookExpo 2019: Where Publishers and Librarians Find Their Happy Place
The GSU E-reserves Case Lumbers On
This Year's London Book Fair Wraps
TLA 2019: The Power of Advocacy
London Book Fair 2019: Four Questions for...Chad Post
London Book Fair 2019: What’s Next For BISG?
London Book Fair 2019: Four Questions for...Richard Charkin
London Book Fair 2019: Keeping the Momentum Going
ALA Rebounds in Seattle
Tapping the Power of Influencers
Stability Reigns at Frankfurt
Frankfurt Book Fair 2018 Preview
Can You Believe It?: PW Talks with Donald Barclay
Librarians Question Tor’s E-book Embargo
BookExpo 2018: Like a Candy Store For Librarians
The London Book Fair Carries On
London Briefcase 2018: Keeping Calm And Carrying On
Spring 2018 Announcements: Politics & Current Events
At Frankfurt, A Sense of Stability in an Unstable World
Fall 2017 Announcements: Politics & Current Events
BookExpo 2017: Welcome to the Library
Librarians Take Capitol Hill
Copyright Reform Is Never Happening
London Book Fair 2017: Publishers Keep Calm and Carry On
London Book Fair 2017 Preview
For Librarians, 2017 Is Off to a Rough Start
The Pallante Era Begins at AAP
PW Notables of the Year: Carla Hayden
ALA Midwinter 2017 Preview
'The Political Equivalent of Enriched Uranium': PW Talks with Chris Hayes
Spring 2017 Announcements: Politics & Current Events
Everything Is Speeding Up. Time to Slow Down: PW Talks with Thomas L. Friedman
The Big Deal at the Frankfurt Book Fair: Free Speech
Frankfurt Book Fair 2016 Preview
Fall 2016 Adult Announcements: Politics & Current Events
ALA 2016: Michael Eric Dyson, Margaret Atwood Highlight ALA Author Appearances
ALA 2016: Librarians Say Patrons Are Mostly Satisfied with E-Book Service
Doing Well by Doing Good
Human Rights Watcher: PW Talks with Former Random House President Robert Bernstein
Google Case Ends, but Copyright Fight Goes On
BEA 2016: Chicago is a Library Town
A Busy International Book Fair Season
London Digital 2016: Embracing Change
London Digital 2016: Publishing Is a Digital Business
London Digital 2016: What’s Ahead for Digital Publishing?
TLA 2016: Four Questions for ALA President-Elect Julie Todaro
TLA 2016: Program Highlights
TLA 2016: Deep in the Heart of Texas
PLA 2016: Librarians on the Hill
The 2016 Public Library Association Conference Preview
What the Conclusion of the Apple Pricing-Fixing Case Means for Publishers and Consumers
Attendance Up at ALA Midwinter 2016
The Next Big Step for E-Books in Libraries
What Does 2016 Hold for Digital Publishing?
DOJ Urges Supreme Court to Deny Apple’s E-book Appeal
Spring 2016 Announcements: Politics & Current Events: Debatable
PW Notables Of the Year: Chris Jackson
ALA Midwinter 2016 Spotlight
PW's Top 10 Library Stories of 2015
At the New Zola Books, Focus Is On Tech
Check It Out with Andrew Richard Albanese: How the Google Books Case Could Change Fair Use On Campus
How German Publishers Deal With Amazon
Frankfurt Book Fair 2015: Lots of Deals Amid a Sluggish Global Economy
Frankfurt Book Fair 2015: A New Era Begins
Frankfurt Book Fair 2015: Four Questions for BISG Executive Director Mark Kuyper
Check It Out with Andrew Richard Albanese: How To Make the Orphan Works Problem Worse
Frankfurt’s Next Act
After Oyster, What's Next for E-book Subscriptions?
Clock Ticks on Apple’s Supreme Court Bid
Reference Books 2015: Counting the Days
Reference Books 2015: Balancing Act
Is This the Greatest Book Award Acceptance Speech Ever?
Court Denies Class Action in Author Solutions Case
Could the Nomination of the Next Librarian of Congress Spark a Political Battle?
Apple Loses E-book Appeal—Now What?
ALA 2015: A Blockbuster San Francisco Conference
ALA 2015: On E-books, Libraries Pushing For Options
Fall 2015 Announcements: Politics & Current Events: The Campaign Begins
ALA Questions Bid for Independent Copyright Office
ALA Annual Conference Kicks Off In San Francisco
ALA 2015: Summer of Love
The Battle to Save the New York Public Library
J.D. Salinger Lawyers Fire Back in Copyright Battle
BEA 2015: Hoopla Signs More ‘Big Five’ Deals
BEA 2015: For E-books in Libraries, Obstacles Remain
BEA 2015: Amazon: Is It Good For Readers?
BEA 2015: Is Subscription the Future of E-Books?
BEA 2015: Program Highlights for Librarians
BEA 2015: Yes, Libraries Are Your Best Customers
Report Details New Digital Publishing Business Models
Spanning the Globe
Ka-Pow! Digital Spotlight 2015
Sony Debuts New DRM for Publishers
An Editor at Heart: Digital Spotlight 2015
Olympians: Digital Spotlight 2015
Check it Out: The Race for ALA Presidency
ALA Midwinter 2015: Amid Winter Storms, ALA Attendance Dips
PW Talks to Ferguson Library Director Scott Bonner
Check it Out: Book Banning in America
ALA Midwinter Meeting Kicks Off in Chicago
Harper CEO Not Testifying in Latest E-book Price-Fixing Case
Spring 2015 Announcements: Social Science: The Pursuit of Happiness
Amazon, Subscriptions Hot at DBW 2015
DBW Panel : Can Publishers Take Advantage of Reader Data?
Now Trending on Twitter: Public Libraries
Court Rejects Publishers’ Latest Appeal in GSU Copyright Case
Mobile Devices, New Partnerships Boost Worldreader
Can Apple Win Its E-book Appeal?
Second Circuit Hears Google Books Case
Apple, DoJ Spar Ahead of December E-book Appeal
Open Road Dodges $1 Million Bullet in Copyright Case
After Reversal in Key Copyright Case, What's Next for Academic Fair Use?
Appeals Court Reverses GSU Copyright Ruling
Frankfurt Book Fair 2014: Attendance Dips, But Modestly
Adobe Responds to ALA Concerns Over E-Book Privacy
A New Era for Frankfurt
Frankfurt Book Fair 2014: Paulo Coelho Tells Publishers 'Don't Be Greedy'
Frankfurt Book Fair 2014: 'You Have to Try Things,' Says HarperCollins' Murray
Frankfurt Book Fair 2014: CCC Hosts Open Access Town Hall
Frankfurt Book Fair 2014: Four Questions for Samsung's Rory O'Neill
Frankfurt Book Fair 2014: Betting Big on Publishing’s Future
Frankfurt Book Fair 2014: Apple, Amazon in Race for Mobile Readers
Frankfurt Book Fair 2014: Big Change Has Come
Success Story: PW Talks with Author Matthew Thomas - M.F.A. Update 2014
Judge Orders Mediation in Latest E-book Price-Fixing Suit
Court Grants Preliminary Approval to Apple Settlement
What’s Next for the Apple Settlement?
Judge on Apple Settlement: Not So Fast
For Lynne Rienner, 30 Years and Counting
For Librarians, It’s Viva Las Vegas
Publishers Claim Apple Order Illegally Hobbles Return to Agency Model
ALA 2014: Tartt, Goodwin Take Home Carnegie Medals
Appeals Court Affirms Sherlock Holmes is Public Domain
Supreme Court Delivers Key Free Speech Decision
ALA 2014: What Happens In Vegas
ALA 2014: After Success on E-Book Access, ALA Looks Ahead
BEA 2014: The Library as Retailer
BEA 2014: Subscription Model Takes Center Stage at Making Information Pay
Hoopla Gets into Library E-book Lending
Will the Agency Model Survive?
Alive and Clicking: Reference Books 2014
ALA Summit Under Way at Library of Congress
Sari Feldman Elected 2015-2016 ALA President
Open Road, HarperCollins Back in Court
Changes Coming to Frankfurt Book Fair
Apple Loses Another E-book Decision
New Schedule Set for Apple Damages Trial
London Book Fair 2014: Goodbye Earls Court, Hello Olympia
London Book Fair 2014: Great Debate: Is Bigger Always Better?
London Book Fair 2014: At Digital Minds, Publishers Urged to Look Beyond the Book
Apple Moves For a Stay in E-book Case
London Book Fair 2014: New Blood
OnCopyright 2014 Focuses on the 'World We Live in Now'
Apple, Publishers Battle New E-book Antitrust Claims
E-book Settlement Refunds Released to Consumers
Library Lover, or Distant Admirer?
Judge Rules for HarperCollins in Open Road E-Book Dispute
Librarians Gather In Indy for PLA 2014
Plaintiffs: No 'Do-Overs' For Apple in E-book Case
Apple: Biased Judge Should Not Decide Damages
Rowman & Littlefield Signs Library E-Book Deal
Apple Wants to Move E-book Damages Trial
Apple Remains Defiant After Loss on Monitor Appeal
After Losing Monitor Appeal, Apple Gets a Referee
PLA Preview 2014: How Do You Manage?
PLA Preview 2014: What’s the Big Idea?
Librarians and Friends Gather In Philly
Spring 2014 Announcements: ‘Freak’ Out: Social Sciences
Pew: E-Reading Surges, But Print Is Hanging On
DoJ: Apple Waging 'Character Assassination' Campaign
Judge Denies Stay; Orders Apple to Cooperate with Monitor
Conan Doyle Estate Says Sherlock Not Free Yet
DoJ, States Slam Apple’s Bid for a Stay
Judge Denies Apple’s Bid to Extend E-Book Damages Inquiry
Court Rules Sherlock Holmes is Public Domain
Kohn Appeals Penguin, Macmillan E-book Settlements
DoJ: Apple Is Trumping Up Monitor Concerns
PROSE Awards to Offer $10K for Top Prize
Are Libraries Essential? Mixed Message in Latest Pew Survey
Judge Tosses Booksellers' Suit Against Publishers, Amazon
Judge Approves Final E-book Settlements
Apple Doesn’t Like Its External Monitor
ALA 2014 Midwinter Preview: Let’s Talk It Out
ALA 2014 Midwinter Preview: Meet the Team
Publishers Weekly's Notable Publishing People of 2013
Apple Seeks to Knock Out E-book Class Action Case
Google Win Expands Fair Use
Google Wins: Court Issues a Ringing Endorsement of Google Books
Judge Will Determine Apple Liability in E-book Case
Former CQ Press Publisher Debuts Free Legal Resource
Damage Estimate Shows $1.54 Billion in E-book Revenue
Apple Disputes $307 Million Damage Figure in E-book Case
Damages in E-Book Case Pegged at $307 Million
Macmillan to Offer Entire E-book Backlist to Libraries
Dohle Bites: Highlights from Markus Dohle’s Talk at Frankfurt
Frankfurt Book Fair 2013: Pricing is the New Piracy
Frankfurt Book Fair 2013: 'We Have to Get this Right,' Says Dohle
Frankfurt Book Fair 2013: Where the World Plugs In
Apple Appeals Price-Fixing Verdict, Final Injunction
Penguin Expands E-books in Libraries
Judge Limits State Penalties in Apple E-book Case
Frankfurt 2013: Frankfurt Adapts and Grows
Authors Guild: Wait for Congress to Sort Out Google Scanning
What the Apple Price-Fixing Case Means for Apple, Publishers and Consumers
Judge Signs Final Order in Apple E-book Case
Judge Denies Request for Delay in Google Case
Judge Lightens Apple Injunction; Expects to Sign Next Week
A Year Later, Opposition Briefs Filed in Authors Guild vs. Google
With CONTEC, Frankfurt Embraces Life After TOC
With Gov't Deadline Looming, AAP Outlines Public Access Plans
DoJ Softens Apple Injunction, but Hits Macmillan Hardest
DoJ Rejects Publisher Objections; Kobo Supports Proposed Injunction
Publishers Object to DoJ’s Proposed Apple Injunction
Pending Appeal, Apple Requests Stay in E-book Case
Apple Fires Back at "Draconian" DoJ Proposals
With the Verdict In, What’s Next For Apple?
Apple Loses: Judge Finds Price-Fixing in E-Book Case
Falling in Love Again
Google Wins Appeal, Authors Guild Loses Class Action Status
ALA 2013: Richard Ford, Timothy Egan Win Carnegie Medals at Packed ALA
ALA 2013: The Day Congressman John Lewis Got his Library Card
Why Apple Loses
Fall 2013 Announcements: Social Sciences - Smorgasbord
Eddy Cue Takes the Stand at Apple Trial
ALA 2013: The Golden Age of Piracy: PW Talks with Robert Spoo
Apple Attacks Google at Trial
ALA 2013: Sweet Home Chicago!
First Witness Testifies in Apple E-book Trial
The Case Against Apple
Pre-Trial Filings Set the Stage for the Apple-DoJ Showdown
Google, Authors Guild Back in Court
Pew Report: Parents Depend on Libraries to Nurture Reading Habits
Hachette Makes Full E-book Catalogue Available to Libraries
Macmillan Finalizes E-book Settlement, Will Pay $26 Million
Judge: No Jury for Penguin in E-book Case
Booksellers Urge Court Not to Toss Amazon E-book Lawsuit
Judge Deals ‘Used’ E-book Market a Setback
What Does Kirtsaeng v. Wiley Mean For the Industry?
Judge Fast-Tracking Bookseller Suit
DoJ Price-Fixing Case has Generated Over Eight Million Pages of Evidence
The Agent: PW Talks with Sterling Lord
TOC 2013: Tim O’Reilly Tells Publishers to ‘Work on Stuff that Matters’
For Libraries, the Common Core Presents Extraordinary Opportunity
ALA Midwinter 2013: Sunny in Seattle
U.S. Attorneys May Weigh in On GSU E-Reserves Case
Spring 2013 Announcements: Social Sciences: Guns & Butter
Scanning the Future: PW Talks with Jeff John Roberts
Total Boox Hopes to Change How We Buy E-books
Vegetables or Candy? DBW Panel Looks at 'Gamification' of Children's Books
Information Activist Aaron Swartz Dead at 26
10,000 Smashwords E-books Acquired by Douglas County Libraries
2012: Beyond Disruption: The Year in Review
PW Select December 2012: Miami Advice
Appeal Filings Outline Authors Guild’s Objections to HathiTrust Opinion
Core Values: ALA Preview 2013
Resolutions: ALA Preview 2013
Overruled: PW Talks to ARL’s Brandon Butler: ALA Preview 2013
At the 2012 Miami Book Fair, Self-Publishing Takes Center Stage
Authors Guild Appeals Loss in Book Scanning Case
Supreme Court Probes ‘Parade of Horribles’ in Wiley Case
As Wiley Case Heads to the Supreme Court, Libraries Join “Owners Rights” Coalition
Majority of Young Readers Still Use Libraries
Unintended Consequences In the HathiTrust Case
Frankfurt 2012: Making the Digital Leap
Publishers Settle Google Books Lawsuit
Google, Publishers Settle Lawsuit over Book Scanning
States Modify Payouts in Price-Fixing Settlement
Judge Denies Bob Kohn’s Motion to Intervene in DoJ Settlement; Kohn Appeals
Penguin, 3M E-Book Pilot 3M Goes Live
Going Public
AAP, SIIA Urge Supreme Court to Uphold Key First Sale Ruling
Publishers Appeal Ruling in GSU E-Reserves Case
After the DoJ Settlement
A Work of Art: Bob Kohn Submits DoJ Amicus Brief as Comic Strip
Life With E-Books
Judge Delays Google Proceedings, Citing Plaintiff’s “Health Issue”
University of Chicago Press Partners with OUP on E-book Platform
With Key Filings in, Trials Loom In Google Book Cases
Authors Guild, HathiTrust Submit Final Briefs in Digitization Case
Google Says Book Search is Fair Use
Penguin Lodges Appeal in E-Book Consumer Case
Library Groups, EFF Hit Back in HathiTrust Case
HathiTrust, Authors Guild File Motions in Digitization Battle
In Supreme Court Filing, Libraries Say Decision in Wiley Suit Threatens Lending Rights
ALA 2012 Attendance Roughly Flat with 2011
ALA Hands Out First Adult Prizes to Massie, Enright
What’s the Impact of the GSU E-Reserve Decision? ALA Panel Says None...Yet
As ALA Opens, Pew Issues Report On Libraries and E-Books
Fall 2012 Announcements: Social Science - Maybe It Does Get Better
Authors Guild vs. Google Trial Schedule Delayed a Month
Google Appeal May Not Delay Trial
At Open Road, Backlist Is the New Frontlist
Google Parties Delay Summary Judgment Filings
Google Settles With Authors—In France
Scholarly Publishing 2012: Looking to the AAUP Conference
ALA 2012: PW Talks with Jonathan Band, Lawyer to the Library Community
What the Georgia State Verdict Means for Libraries and the Publishing Industry
Weighing the Consequences
The Broad Strokes of the Hachette, HarperCollins and S&S Price-Fixing Settlement
New Reports Chart the Rise of E-books
I-School Confidential: ‘PW’ talks with future librarians
Copyright at a Crossroads: William Patry
At ALA Midwinter, Librarians Show Some Fight
Pew Says Ownership of Tablets and E-Readers Doubled Over the Holidays
Spring 2012 Announcements: Social Science: It’s All Local
White House, Congressional Leaders Come Out Against SOPA
2012 International Book Fair Calendar
Register of Copyrights Addresses Legislative Efforts
Off the Shelf
Monograph Wars
In Fight with Amazon, Libraries Caught in the Crossfire
No Change, But Random House Says It Is “Actively Reviewing” Library E-book Policy
Analysts Look at the Holiday Season—and Beyond
Controversial Copyright Bill Goes Before Congress
Survey Says Library Users Are Your Best Customers
Small Demons Makes Big Splash at Frankfurt Book Fair
Going Public: PW Talks with Jeff Jarvis
A Frankfurt of the 'Mind': The Frankfurt Bookfair Expands Its Reach
Google Settlement Parties Pursue Separate Deals
Paper Cuts
With the Freelance Settlement Rejected, What's Next?
More Lawsuits Over Agency Model
The Breakup: Are the Google Settlement Parties Headed for Splitsville?
Busy ALA Exceeds Expectations
Fall 2011 Announcements: Social Science: Young Americans
Dan Savage Kicks Off ALA with Message of Hope, Inspiration
Hail to the Chief: PW Talks to Incoming ALA President Molly Raphael
Rowman & Littlefield Expands Its Public Library Push
Now You See It: What Is the Internet Hiding from You? PW Talks with Author Eli Pariser
Librarians at the Gate
Worldreader Expands into Kenya
Too Much Information? PW Talks with James Gleick
The Google Settlement Rejection: What Comes Next?
London Bounces Back
Game Changer? A Talk with Jane McGonigal
One Book, One Day, 10 Countries
Tools of Change Celebrates Fifth Anniversary
The Googlization of Books
Tools of Change, 2011 Preview
Librarians Brace for a Tough 2011
Exit Interview: PW talks to Retiring University of California Press Director Lynne Withey
Google Shakes Up the E-Book Market
The Game of Monopoly
IFRRO Lands in Boston
Frankfurt 2010: Making A Difference with E-readers
Frankfurt 2010: Our Digital Future with Evan Schnittman
Change Is Good: PW Talks to Andrew Savikas
Loaded Questions
Will Google's Net Neutrality Shift Complicate the Book Settlement?
Betting the House on HTML5
Wait Continues for Google Settlement Ruling
A Failure to Communicate
The (Tim) O'Reilly Factor
A Tantalizing Clue Suggests Google Settlement Might Keep Its Judge
Border War? In Legal Analysis, Attorney Says Google Settlement Would Cause "Diplomatic Stress"
Wharton School New York Event Tackles the Future of Publishing
Second Circuit Vacates Injunction in Salinger Case
Ending Secrecy, U.S. Releases Draft of ACTA
Judge Presiding Over Google Settlement Moves Up
Google Launches Tool Showing Government Information and Takedown Requests
B&N Enters Content Partnership With
Artists and Photographers Sue Over Google Book Search
The Objector

Google Strikes Back, Claims Viacom Secretly Uploaded YouTube Videos

Make Mine Yours
Google Settlement Gets Day In Court
Deal or No Deal: Part II
Steinbeck, Guthrie Endorse Google Settlement
At NWU Event, Confusion, Strong Opposition to Google Settlement
Friedman, Sharp Kick off Mediabistro E-Book Summit with “Open Road” Discussion
Fertile Ground: The United Arab Emirates
South Korea Takes on the E-book
Google Opponents Urge Court to Reconsider Restrictions on Revised Settlement
Frankfurt Book Fair: Europeans Play the Moral Rights Card Against Google Settlement
Can the Google Book Settlement Be Saved?
Copyright Clearance Center to Host Google Discussion on Wednesday
Court Acknowledges More Than 400 Submissions in Google Settlement
Google Hearing Raises Questions, Brings Concessions
U.S. Register of Copyrights Slams Google Book Search Settlement
As Deadline Passes, NWU, Consumer Watchdog Join Google Books Objectors
Authors Guild Slams Amazon Over Its Google Settlement Stance; Other Groups Opt Out of Settlement
Groups Urge Injunction Be Vacated in Salinger Case
Settlement Likely in E-Reserves Case?
Free-For-All: Anderson, “Free” Book, Sparks a Backlash Online and Among Battered Media Industry
Salinger Wins as Judge Blocks Publication of 60 Years Later
Simon & Schuster in Deal with Scribd to Sell E-books
BookExpo America 2009: U.K., U.S. Publishers Associations Tout Service to Fight Piracy
At London Book Fair, Panel Says Two-Year British E-Textbook Study is Myth-Shattering
At London Book Fair, E-books on the Outside, But Looking In
"The Long and Winding Road"
One Nation, Under God?
Faith-based Initiative
Diamonds Are a Terrorist's Best Friend
The Copyright Wars
Kill 100 to Save 1,000?
And You Thought The Gong Show Was a Hit...
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