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  • Q & A with Jon Agee

    In Jon Agee's graphic novel fantasy adventure, 'Otto: A Palindrama,' a boy eating wonton soup falls into a daydream about pursuing his runaway dog Pip, and enters a weird world defined entirely by palindromes.

  • Peloton's Robin Arzón Makes Her Children's Book Debut

    Peloton head instructor Robin Arzón’s debut picture book, ‘Strong Mama,’ is inspired by her pregnancy and new motherhood.

  • Creating Through Cancer: Finding the Strength to Keep Writing

    Lani Forbes, author of The Age of Seventh Sun series, reflects on facing her cancer diagnosis and continuing to write through the pain.

  • Q & A with Seth Fishman and Jessixa Bagley

    We spoke with author—and literary agent—Seth Fishman and illustrator Jessixa Bagley about their new picture book, 'When I Wake Up.'

  • Q & A with Sophia Glock

    Author and artist Sophia Glock's debut YA graphic memoir, 'Passport,' depicts her unusual teenage years, as she gradually realized her parents work in intelligence.

  • Q & A with Ernesto Cisneros

    We spoke with award-winning middle grade author and middle school language arts teacher Ernesto Cisneros about how his early life experiences, teaching, and writing intersect.

  • Q & A with Kekla Magoon

    Kekla Magoon spoke with us about her new book, 'Revolution in Our Time,' a National Book Award finalist, which offers an in-depth study of the Black Panther Party for young people.

  • Where STEM Meets Story:
    Spotlight on Explorer Academy

    The Dragon’s Blood, the sixth book in the Nat Geo series, leads readers on another globe-spanning adventure . (Sponsored)

  • Q & A with Huda Fahmy

    Comic book artist Huda Fahmy's latest book, 'Huda F Are You?,' focuses on her experiences as a Muslim teenager who moved from a town with few Muslims to one with a large Muslim population.

  • Four Questions for Harmony Becker

    Asian American author and cartoonist Harmony Becker's debut graphic novel, 'Himawari House,' tells the coming of age story of a Japanese American girl reconnecting with her Japanese heritage while spending a year with other language learners in Tokyo.

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PW KidsCast: A Conversation with Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver
Co-authors and Hollywood insiders Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver discuss their new book, Alien Superstar: Hollywood vs. the Galaxy, and their process for writing compelling comedies for kids.
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