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  • Trade Shows

    Bologna 2024: Experts Wrestle with AI's Transformative Potential

    The Bologna Children's Book Fair hosted several discussions focusing on the impact of AI on the publishing industry, ranging from those advocating for regulation of AI to others addressing how it can be harnessed to foster creativity and efficiency.

  • Publisher News

    Getting AI to Behave—and How We Can Find Out When It Doesn’t

    Authors and publishers concerned about counterfeit books generated by artificial intelligence, fear not! There's a workable solution on the horizon, writes Bill Kasdorf.

  • London Book Fair

    London Book Fair 2024: How Will AI Change Life for Literary Translators?

    They can generate (iterative) images. They can generate (iterative) text. But how will large language models change translation—especially for literary translators? A panel at the London Book Fair suggested some possible outcomes.

  • London Book Fair

    London Book Fair 2024: Trust, Innovation, and the Freedom to Publish

    On the first morning of the London Book Fair, the heads of the International Publishing Association, the Federation of European Publishers, the Association of American Publishers, and the African Publishers Network gathered to discuss, and debate, the biggest issues facing the publishing industry today.

  • Publisher News

    Tor Books Criticized for Use of AI-Generated Art in 'Gothikana' Cover Design

    The use of AI-generated assets in the cover art for the dark academia novel 'Gothikana' by RuNyx, originally self-published and reissued by Tor Books' romance imprint Bramble, has set off a debate about the role of AI in publishing.

  • Publisher News

    Court Trims Authors’ Copyright Lawsuit Against Open AI

    A federal judge in California has dismissed a host of claims made by several groups of authors in a now consolidated lawsuit and gave the authors until March 13 to file an amended complaint. The suit’s core claim of direct infringement—which Open AI did not seek to dismiss—remains active.

  • Shows & Events

    PubWest Highlights Nontraditional Retail Success, Addresses A.I.

    At this year's PubWest Conference, several publishing professionals noted ways they have found to amplify sales by partnering with more nontraditional book retailers, while for others, discussions of A.I. and the future of the industry remained front and center.

  • Copyright

    European Publishers Praise New EU AI Law

    The Federation of European Publishers was among 200 organizations to praise the passage of new European Union legislation requiring that AI companies respect copyright law and offer transparency about what materials are being used to train AI models.

  • Content / e-books

    Confronting Publishing’s AI Fears

    What lies beyond the lawsuits and accusations in the headlines?

  • Publisher News

    Veristage Launches Insight, an AI Platform for Book Publishers

    Insight offers publishers AI tools, including large language models such as ChatGPT and Claude, to analyze documents and generate metrics, editorial and marketing assets, sales material, and other content.

  • Publisher News

    New Nonprofit Launches to ‘Certify’ Copyright-Friendly AI Practices

    Supported by the Association of American Publishers and others, the new nonprofit aims to “certify fair training data use” in Generative AI, and comes amid a growing number of lawsuits filed against AI companies over alleged copyright infringement.

  • Publisher News

    'New York Times' Sues OpenAI, Microsoft for Copyright Infringement

    The suit, said to be the first AI-related action filed by a major American media company, alleges that AI services from both multibillion dollar companies are businesses “built on mass copyright infringement,” with potentially massive implications for the future of journalism.

  • Content / e-books

    How Publishers Can Navigate the AI Revolution

    Despite the hype, publishing is still looking at what impact large language models and similar technology may bring.

  • Publisher News

    AAP Calls Big Tech's AI Arguments 'Nonsense'

    In comments submitted to the U.S. Copyright Office this week, the Association of American Publishers slammed assertions by the tech industry that fair use permits AI developers to use copyrighted works to train their systems without permission or compensation.

  • Publisher News

    Judge Will Toss Part of Authors’ AI Copyright Lawsuit

    A federal judge said he will dismiss part of a lawsuit filed by a group of authors including comedian Sarah Silverman that claims Meta’s Llama AI application infringes their copyrights. However, a core claim of the suit—that Meta’s use of unauthorized copies to train its AI model is infringing—remains.

  • Interviews

    Getting Hired in the AI Age: PW Talks with Hilke Schellmann

    In 'The Algorithm' (Hachette, Jan. 2024), investigative reporter and NYU journalism professor Hilke Schellmann focuses on the role of AI in hiring practices.

  • Publisher News

    NWU Releases Platform and Principles for Generative AI Policy

    The National Writers Union, the U.S. trade union for freelance and contract writers and authors, has identified six core principles and five key policy areas that will guide its organizing efforts around generative artificial intelligence.

  • Publisher News

    Marianne Moore and AI Helped Make Sean Michaels' New Novel

    The author of 'Do You Remember Being Born?' explains how he created a "Moorebot" to generate the verse in the novel.

  • Sharjah Book Fair

    Sharjah International Book Fair 2023: The Challenges and Opportunities for Artificial Intelligence

    Over the next 5 to 10 years, the Arabic book market is poised for a remarkable transformation driven by the escalating influence of AI, which I believe holds the promise of revolutionizing the reading experience for Arabic audiences by offering highly personalized book recommendations based on individual preferences, past choices, and real-time feedback.

  • Frankfurt Book Fair

    Frankfurt Book Fair 2023: The AI Future Looks Bright—So Long As...

    Over the last year, every corner of the book business has been confronted with the colossal innovation in the generative capability of new artificial intelligence tools—with little known as to how it will impact our sector.

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