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Jane Kenyon, Author Graywolf Press $18 (64p) ISBN 978-1-55597-195-3
The cumulative effect of these quiet, unassuming poems lingers long after this slim volume is closed. Kenyon's ( Let Evening Come ) fourth collection is built around two perfectly orchestrated poem sequences. In the first, the speaker contrasts...
Jane Kenyon, Author Graywolf Press $26 (357p) ISBN 978-1-55597-428-2
In the 10 years since Jane Kenyon's death at the age of 47, her reputation has only grown. Her books are assigned; her life has been memorialized by husband Donald Hall in the book-length elegy Without (1998) and The Best Day the Worst Day: Life...
Jane Kenyon, Author Graywolf Press $16.95 (72p) ISBN 978-1-55597-130-4
Kenyon ( The Boat of Quiet Hours ) portrays with meticulous detail the healing, regenerative force of nature in the cycles of human emotion and experience. Her understated, deceptively simple poems celebrate the pleasures of domestic, rural life--wak
Jane Kenyon, Author, Donald Hall, Afterword by Graywolf Press $23.95 (240p) ISBN 978-1-55597-240-0
Kenyon's poetry is honest and earnest, rich in imagery yet free of clutter. Always technically proficient, her early poems were not always memorable, but her questioning of the value of life has been consistent: ""And I knew then/ that I would have...
Jane Kenyon, Author, Donald Hall, Introduction by Graywolf Press $23.95 (248p) ISBN 978-1-55597-291-2
As carefully culled and tended as the New England flower gardens that Kenyon, a poet who died of leukemia in 1995, wrote about with such bone-aching clarity, this collection of sundry, posthumous prose and poetry illuminates a little-known corner of
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