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Joe R. Feagin, Author Routledge $130 (311p) ISBN 978-0-415-92531-0
Feagin's voluminous, relentless book testifies to both the strengths and the flaws of applying a sociological approach to the intricate issues of racism in America. Most social scientists, according to this sociologist at the University of Florida (W
Joe R. Feagin, Author, Joseph R. Feagin, Author, Melvin P. Sikes, With Beacon Press (MA) $25 (398p) ISBN 978-0-8070-0924-6
Pervasive white racism--often subtle and covert, at times blatant--is a daily reality for African Americans, according to the 209 middle-class blacks interviewed for this important and disturbing report. The respondents tell of discrimination on the
Joe R. Feagin, Author, Joseph R. Feagin, Author, Hernan Vera, With Routledge $23.95 (224p) ISBN 978-0-415-90919-8
Calling white racism ``the most consequential [problem] for the nation's future,'' two University of Florida sociologists offer several recent case studies: cross burnings in Dubuque, Iowa; discrimination against black patrons at the Denny's...
Joe R. Feagin, Author, Joseph R. Feagin, Author, R. Feagin Joe, Author Routledge $140 (208p) ISBN 978-0-415-91511-3
Racial barriers and impediments remain commonplace on white campuses, the authors declare, in a rebuttal to the portraits of campus racial climate by Allan Bloom and Dinesh D'Souza that is only partly convincing. Their research method-focus-group...
Joe R. Feagin, Author, Eileen O'Brien, Author, Eileen O'Brien, Joint Author Beacon Press (MA) $26 (224p) ISBN 978-0-8070-0980-2
The new field of""whiteness studies""--the exploration of how whites construct their racial identities and their relations with minorities--gets an eye-opening addition with this survey of upper-class white men. Sociologists Feagin and O'Brien...
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