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Robert T. Kiyosaki, . PLATA, $16.95 trade paper (470p) ISBN 978-1-61268-076-7
Fans of Kiyosaki, author of the world-famous "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" will appreciate this book for many of the same reasons that the original book was an immediate hit. Kiyosaki's credentials are impressive and he employs anecdotes culled primarily...
Robert T. Kiyosaki. Plata, $17.95 (448p) ISBN 978-1-61268-046-0
Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad) gave self-publishing street cred when his first book hit the New York Times Bestseller List. As he recounts in this book, much of his success has been self-made, independent of employers or government. He has little...
Robert T. Kiyosaki. Plata, $16.95 (204p) ISBN 978-1-61268-053-8
The best training for a lifetime of successful entrepreneurship is a stint in the U.S. military, claims Kiyosaki, a former Marine and the powerhouse behind the wildly popular Rich Dad Poor Dad franchise. Loosely structured as eight leadership...
Robert T. Kiyosaki, Author Business Plus $12.99 (260p) ISBN 978-0-446-55980-5
In the latest installment of Kiyosaki's Rich Dad series, he opts for an innovative approach with largely diminished returns: struggling with a way to inform average citizens on the current economic crisis, and how to rise above it, Kiyosaki...
Robert T. Kiyosaki, Author, Dave Mallow, Read by , read by Dave Mallow. Hachette Audio $22.98 (0p) ISBN 978-1-60024-898-6
Like many other business books on the market, Kiyosaki's latest explains the origins of the economic crisis and how best to weather the storm and restore financial standing. But its clarity, hands-on approach, and practical tips make it far...
Robert T. Kiyosaki, Author, Sharon L. Lechter, Joint Author Warner Business $21.95 (286p) ISBN 978-0-446-53086-6
When the first baby boomers celebrate their 70th birthdays in 2016, according to rich dad (the author's financial mentor and father of his boyhood chum), a massive stock market crash will ensue. Joining half a dozen popular Rich Dad books, this...
Robert T. Kiyosaki, Author, Donald J. Trump, Author, Meredith McIver, With (with Sharon Lechter). Rich Press $24.95 (345p) ISBN 978-1-933914-02-2
The wildly financially successful authors of this book state, early on, that a reader will not find in its pages specific advice on how to make or invest money. It's more a book of philosophy (note the "why" in the title), and if it's
Robert T. Kiyosaki, Author, Sharon L. Lechter, With Business Plus $16.95 (259p) ISBN 978-0-446-69637-1
In this follow-up to his bestselling Rich Dad Poor Dad, Kiyosaki offers little substance and much fluff, forcing readers to wade through business cliches and unattributed statistics in order to find the few rough nuggets of entrepreneurial wisdom...
Robert T. Kiyosaki, Author, Sharon L. Lechter, With Little, Brown Books for Young Readers $14.99 (132p) ISBN 978-0-446-69321-9
Teenage capitalists may want to cash in on Rich Dad, Poor Dad for Teens: The Secrets About Money That You Don't Learn in School! by Robert Kiyosaki, with Sharon Lechter. Pitching the ideas from his adult bestseller Rich Dad, Poor Dad to a younger...
Donald J. Trump and Robert T. Kiyosaki. Plata (, $24.95 (348p) ISBN 978-1-61268-095-8
Magnate Trump and Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad) are the gold standard of the entrepreneurial spirit—self-made, resilient, and charismatic. But they might also just be the saviors of the economy, as they argue in this follow-up to 2006’s We Want You...
Donald J. Trump and Robert T. Kiyosaki, read by John Dossett and Skipp Sudduth. Simon & Schuster Audio, unabridged, seven CDs, 8 hrs., $29.99 ISBN 978-1-4423-4795-3
In alternating chapters, Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad) and Trump share experiences as businessmen and advise prospective entrepreneurs—a structure that is reflected in the co-narration of John Dossett, who reads Kiyosaki chapters, and Skipp Sudduth,...
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