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  • Lending a Hand: PW Talks with Sunshine Cobb

    The author of 'The Beginner’s Guide to Hand Building' offers instruction in self-expression and self-care.

  • Catholicism, Revisited: PW Talks with George Weigel

    In 'To Sanctify the World' (Basic, Oct.), Weigel chronicles the history and impact of the Second Vatican Council.

  • Lonely Voyager: PW Talks with Neal Gabler

    In 'Against the Wind' (Crown, Oct.), Gabler charts Sen. Ted Kennedy’s liberal crusade in the Reagan era and beyond.

  • Disaster or Terrorism?: PW Talks with Karen Odden

    In Odden’s 'Under a Veiled Moon' (Crooked Lane, Oct.), police superintendent Michael Corravan investigates the sinking of a pleasure steamer, the 'Princess Alice,' on the Thames soon after a passenger train was dynamited, possibly by Irish terrorists.

  • Q & A with Shirin Shamsi and Tarun Lak

    Seventy-five years ago, Partition displaced more than 15 million South Asians. In her new picture book, Shirin Shamsi shares her mother's Partition story.

  • Q & A with Katherine Arden

    Small Spaces, Katherine Arden's atmospheric middle grade horror quartet, comes to a close with 'Empty Smiles'; PW spoke with Arden about the importance of honoring the emotional impact of her characters' terrifying experiences, and why kids love horror.

  • What Happens in Vegas: PW Talks with Gina L. Maxwell

    Bestseller Maxwell returns to her paranormal roots in 'The Dark King' (Entangled Amara, Oct.), a romance between Las Vegas hotelier and fae king Caiden and feisty Wisconsinite Bryn.

  • Q & A with Ryan La Sala

    We spoke with Ryan La Sala about his third YA novel, 'The Honeys,' an LGBTQ+ YA thriller set at a summer camp, which was sold to Scholastic after a 13-imprint auction.

  • In Conversation: Andrew Young and Paula Young Shelton

    We asked Andrew Young and his daughter Paula Young Shelton to discuss their new picture book collaboration, ‘Just Like Jesse Owens,’ which presents a pivotal moment from the childhood of this civil rights icon and former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N.

  • Q & A with Stephen Savage

    Stephen Savage spoke with us about how his new picture book 'Moonlight' both was and wasn't a fresh start, and what it felt like to go old school from beginning to end.

  • Three Questions for Kate Morton

  • Science Is a Human Process: PW Talks with David Quammen

    In 'Breathless: The Scientific Race to Defeat a Deadly Virus' (Simon & Schuster, Oct.), Quammen profiles the scientists who studied the SARS-CoV-2 virus and fought the Covid pandemic.

  • Playing Dice with the Universe: PW Talks with Penn Jillette

    In 'Random' (Akashic, Oct.), magician Jillette’s protagonist makes major life decisions by rolling a pair of dice.

  • Rewiring One’s Consciousness: PW Talks with Elizabeth A. Trembley

    Trembley recalls discovering a dead body in the woods 25 years ago, and subsequently uncovering truths about herself in her graphic memoir 'Look Again' (Street Noise, Sept.).

  • Q & A with Mason Deaver

    We spoke with Mason Deaver about their new novel for teens, 'The Feeling of Falling in Love,' and what it's like to be writing queer YA in the current climate of increasing book challenges.

  • Four Questions for Maya Gabeira

    Maya Gabeira, a Brazilian big wave surfer who in 2018 set a Guinness World Record for the largest wave ever surfed by a woman, spoke with us about her debut picture book, 'Maya and the Beast.'

  • Q & A with Beth Kephart

    PW spoke with Kephart about creating books across age ranges and genres, and teaching the craft of writing.

  • The Universality of Black Joy: PW Talks with Rue Mapp

    The founder of Outdoor Afro, author of the forthcoming book 'Nature Swagger' (Chronicle, Nov.), explains why "nature is the ultimate open-source platform."

  • There Is No Final Frontier: PW Talks with William Shatner

    In 'Boldly Go: Reflections on a Life of Awe and Wonder' (Atria, Oct.), Shatner recounts, among other experiences, his 2021 space flight.

  • The Fight Goes On: PW Talks with Matthew F. Delmont

    Dartmouth historian Delmont’s 'Half American' (Viking, Oct.) unearths the contributions African Americans made to WWII, and how their experiences of racial discrimination helped spark the civil rights movement.

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