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  • Greater Access to the Great Outdoors: PW talks with Simon J. Hayhoe

    In 'Accessible Vacations: An Insider’s Guide to 10 National Parks' (Rowman & Littlefield, Oct.), Hayhoe offers advice to travelers with access challenges.

  • Slow Going: PW talks with John Burns

    'Kinfolk' magazine editor Burns takes the brand's "slow lifestyle" approach on the road in 'Kinfolk Travel' (Artisan, Nov.).

  • How to Prevent a Tragedy: PW Talks with Jillian Peterson and James Densley

    In 'The Violence Project' ​(Abrams, Oct.), psychologist Peterson and sociologist Densley examine mass shootings in the U.S.

  • Other Worlds: PW Talks with Richard Powers

    Powers follows up his Pulitzer-winning 'The Overstory' with 'Bewilderment' (Norton, Sept.), about an astrophysicist and his troubled son, Robin, who connects with his dead mother through experimental neurotherapy.

  • Brick City Blues: PW Talks with James Queally

    Queally’s second novel featuring reporter-turned-PI Russell Avery, All These Ashes (Polis, Sept.), explores racism in the justice system’s approach to crimes involving victims of color.

  • Flower Goddess and Dread Queen: PW Talks with Rachel Smythe

    Smythe retells the myth of Hades and Persephone in a gossipy modern style in Lore Olympus (Del Rey, Oct.), a hit webcomic now in print.

  • Q & A with John Parra

    We spoke with award-winning artist, designer, and children's book illustrator John Parra about how his experiences as a student and an instructor have left an imprint on his art, and how he hopes it inspires his readers to be creative.

  • Q & A with L.M. Elliott

    We spoke with author and former journalist L.M. Elliott about her latest historical YA novel, 'Walls,' which covers the 12 months leading to the building of the Berlin Wall.

  • For the Kids: Spotlight on Vince Cleghorne

    With books like I Want to Be a Dino-Kid, Mich & Moose, Bug Soup, Smiles, and Hoo’s There?, an author and illustrator looks to inspire children to fall in love with reading. (Sponsored)

  • A Legacy of Flavors: PW Talks with Christine Sahadi Whelan

    Whelan, co-owner of the James Beard Award–winning market Sahadi’s, showcases the Middle East’s vibrant staples in 'Flavors of the Sun' (Chronicle, Sept.).

  • An Unchaining Melody: PW Talks with Juliet Marillier

    The warrior bards of Swan Island find a missing prince and lift an ancient curse in Marillier’s 'A Song of Flight' (Ace, Sept.).

  • Fatal Flight: PW Talks with Rory Clements

    In Clements’s 'A Prince and a Spy' (Pegasus Crime, Sept.), operative Tom Wilder probes the suspicious death of a British royal during WWII.

  • A Mouthful of Air: PW Talks with Amy Koppelman

    Almost 20 years after Two Dollar Radio published Amy Koppelman's debut novel about a young woman suffering from postpartum depression, the press is reissuing it in time for the release of the film adaptation.

  • Good News: PW Talks with Philip Yancey

    Yancey’s 'Where the Light Fell' (Convergent, Oct.) digs up his roots in the fundamentalist South in the 1950s and ’60s.

  • Before the Dinosaurs: PW Talks with Elsa Panciroli

    In 'Beasts Before Us' (Bloomsbury Sigma, Sept.), paleontologist Panciroli sheds light on discoveries in evolution.

  • Bloodied Mary: PW Talks with Denise Mina

    In 'Rizzio' (Pegasus Crime, Sept.), Mina dramatizes the Tudor-era assassination of David Rizzio, the personal secretary of Mary, Queen of Scots.

  • Q & A with Elizabeth Lim

    We spoke with Elizabeth Lim about her new YA novel, ‘Six Crimson Cranes,’ a fairy tale retelling set in the world of her Blood of Stars duology.

  • It’s Complicated: PW Talks with Amia Srinivasan

    In 'The Right to Sex' (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, Sept.), philosopher Srinivasan brings depth and nuance to the issues facing feminism today.

  • The Silence You Don’t Know: PW Talks with Jon McGregor

    McGregor’s harrowing 'Lean Fall Stand' (Catapult, Sept.) tells a story of survival and recovery in which research technician Robert Wright suffers a stroke in Antarctica and loses his ability to speak.

  • Haunted House: PW Talks with Stuart Neville

    In Neville’s 'The House of Ashes' (Soho Crime, Sept.), two trapped and traumatized women, Sara Keane and Mary Jackson, discover terrifying links that bind them to a 120-year-old house in Belfast.

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