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  • A Radical Middle Age: PW Talks with Bradley Schurman

    “The future may be gray, but it’s incredibly bright,” predicts Bradley Schurman in 'The Super Age' (Harper Business, Jan. 2022), which examines the changing demographics of the global population.

  • Murder in the Pampas: PW Talks with Javier Sinay

    In 'The Murders of Moisés Ville: The Rise and Fall of the Jerusalem of South America' (Restless, Feb.), journalist Sinay probes 22 murders of Jewish immigrants to Argentina living in the community of Moisés Ville, allegedly committed by gauchos between 1889 and 1906.

  • Down to the Wire: PW Talks with Brian Hochman

    Hochman’s 'The Listeners' (Harvard Univ., Feb.) surveys American attitudes toward wiretapping from the invention of the telegraph in the 19th century through the war on drugs.

  • Inner Mythologies: PW Talks with Emily Carrington

    In Carrington’s graphic memoir, 'Our Little Secret' (Drawn & Quarterly, Jan.), she pursues legal action years after being sexually abused as a child by a trusted neighbor, but an inept lawyer and fraught system generate more trauma.

  • Q & A with Sophia Glock

    Author and artist Sophia Glock's debut YA graphic memoir, 'Passport,' depicts her unusual teenage years, as she gradually realized her parents work in intelligence.

  • How Spanish Painter Eduardo Arroyo Came to Illustrate 'Ulysses'

    To commemorate the centennial of James Joyce's 'Ulysses,' Other Press will publish the novel in an illustrated edition with art by the late Spanish painter Eduardo Arroyo in January. PW spoke with Other Press publisher Judith Gurewich about Arroyo's legacy and more.

  • Q & A with Ernesto Cisneros

    We spoke with award-winning middle grade author and middle school language arts teacher Ernesto Cisneros about how his early life experiences, teaching, and writing intersect.

  • Forrest Gumption: PW Talks with Rob Pope

    In 'Becoming Forrest' (Harper North, Feb.), English runner Pope recounts his 15,248-mile effort to recreate Forrest Gump’s trek across the U.S..

  • Killing Through Chemistry: PW Talks with Neil Bradbury

    In 'A Taste for Poison: Eleven Deadly Molecules and the Killers Who Used Them' (St. Martin’s, Feb.), biochemist Bradbury looks at the science behind murderers’ favorite toxins.

  • The Stories We Tell: PW Talks with Morgan Thomas

    'Manywhere' (MCD, Jan.) features stories about loss, displacement, and longing as experienced by cis and trans characters who are searching for examples for ways of being in the world.

  • Always on Edge: PW Talks with Wendy Corsi Staub

    In Staub’s 'The Other Family' (Morrow, Jan.), the Howell family moves from California to a brownstone in Brooklyn. Bad things soon start to happen.

  • Q & A with Kekla Magoon

    Kekla Magoon spoke with us about her new book, 'Revolution in Our Time,' a National Book Award finalist, which offers an in-depth study of the Black Panther Party for young people.

  • Garbage, Rats, and Environmental Art: PW Talks with Christy Rupp

    Eco-artist and activist Christy Rupp’s new book 'Noisy Autumn: Sculptures & Works on Paper', a career-spanning retrospective collection of her environmental works, will be published this month by Insight Editions/Earth Aware

  • 'It Feels Wrong Because It Is Wrong': PW Talks with Alexander Zaitchik

    In 'Owning the Sun' (Counterpoint, Mar. 2022), journalist Zaitchik chronicles how the pharmaceutical industry transitioned from "ethical to post-ethical."

  • System Update: PW Talks with Thomas Fisher

    In 'The Emergency' (One World, Mar. 2022), Fisher writes of his experiences working as an ER doctor on Chicago's South Side in 2020.

  • Mystery and Prehistory: PW Talks with Jeff Smith

    Smith returns with 'Tuki: Fight for Fire' (Cartoon Books, Dec.), a comics series that combines research and fantasy, and is set during the period in prehistory when multiple humanoid species coexisted.

  • Justice Delayed: PW Talks with Chris Joyner

    In 'The Three Death Sentences of Clarence Henderson' (Abrams, Jan.), reporter Joyner probes a 1948 murder case that led to an innocent Black man’s being scheduled for execution three times.

  • Hearts and Minds: PW Talks with Leonard Mlodinow

    In 'Emotional: How Feelings Shape Our Thinking' (Pantheon, Jan.), physicist Mlodinow lays out recent discoveries about the role emotions play in everyday life.

  • Four Questions for Harmony Becker

    Asian American author and cartoonist Harmony Becker's debut graphic novel, 'Himawari House,' tells the coming of age story of a Japanese American girl reconnecting with her Japanese heritage while spending a year with other language learners in Tokyo.

  • Hope Despite the Pandora Papers: PW Talks with Casey Michel

    We spoke with the investigative journalist and author of 'American Kleptocracy: How the U.S. Created the World's Greatest Money Laundering Scheme in History' about his new book, his fascination with the dark side of money, the Pandora Papers, and more.

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