Popular actress and product spokesperson Kirstie Alley is master of ceremonies at the BEA's Adult Book and Author Breakfast. Alley recently penned The Art of Men (I Prefer Mine Al Dente), a tell-all account featuring the men in her life.

What prompted you to write a memoir about the men in your life?

It dawned on me that 98% of the influences in my life involve men. I’ve lived a pretty wild life throughout business and personal, and I wanted to share the good, the bad, and the ugly so that my readers can find humor in their own lives, and have certainty that they can survive anything, except a direct hit from an F6 tornado.

You’re so busy—when did you find time to write about your love life?

In between shagging.

Is there a man who changed your life in a good way?

The highest percentage of the men that I speak of in my book have changed my life for the better.

Any man who changed your life in a bad way?

Put it this way: I have had saints, sinners, and demons as lovers. One in particular, whom I fondly refer to as “Satan incarnate,” makes Christian Grey look like Johnny Appleseed. Read all about it!

You have millions of fans who have followed your career for years. What will surprise them when they read your book?

Probably the many ways I have turned lemons into lemons.

What dating advice do you have for women over 50?

Carry a Glock in your Judith Leiber.

Who are some of the favorite men in your life?

My dad and my son are at the top of the list, L. Ron Hubbard, Woody Allen, the cast and directors/producers of Cheers, Jonathan Knight, Santa Claus, and baby Jesus.

Anything you’d like to say to folks who are obsessed with your weight gains and losses?

Are there people like that?

What would you like readers to get out of your book?

A good laugh and accurate data. I guess a view of the world according to Kirstie.

Whether or not this is your first experience at BookExpo, can you talk about your expectations of being here this year?

I expect a really good organic breakfast with no GMOs [genetically modified organisms] and to be slightly funnier than Jimmy Fallon.