Miss Piggy’s new book, The Diva Code: Miss Piggy on Life, Love, and the 10,000 Idiotic Things Frogs Do, is published by Hyperion.

PW: Who is the non-pig personality you most admire, and why?

MP: Kermit. Because he makes moi possible. I make myself impossible.

PW: Celebrity tell-all books have certainly become popular... would you consider writing such a book, and if so, what can your many fans expect from it?

MP: It would betray too many friends, stars and celebrities to write a “tell all” book. So I’d hesitate to write such a book, unless we were talking major numbers. (You’re sure the whole publishing industry reads this? Great! Have them call my agent, Bernie. The bidding starts at noon today.)

PW: You've written books, performed on TV and in films, and created your own perfume. Are there other worlds you hope to conquer?

MP: Well, I have considered being a book editor, and I may still pursue that career if I can ever figure out what they do all day. You got any idea?

PW: There's excitement in Washington these days because of a new White House occupant. Is the time right for Miss Piggy to enter politics? What arena would you choose?

MP: I’ve considered politics, but frankly I think they’ve already got way too many divas. And besides, when you’re a celebrity of moi’s magnitude, anything worth doing is worth having someone else do for you.

PW: When the movie is made of your life—and you know it will be—who would you like to play you, and why?

MP: Only one person could play moi, and that is moi. Sorry, Meryl; the gig is taken.

PW: You're clearly the star of the Muppet world. Have you ever considered breaking away into a spin-off, a solo gig?

MP: I could never do that to Kermie, leaving him alone with the rest of those weirdos. Besides, if I’m not there to keep an eye on the frog, heaven knows what he might do.

PW: Have you considered writing a hog... er, blog?

MP: Have you ever considered reconstructive surgery? Because one more wisecrack like that and you’re gonna need it.

PW: Are you on Facebook or Twitter? There are users on the latter claiming to be you: are they?

MP: I am everywhere, on all media known and unknown in perpetuity throughout the universe. And if you want to make certain you’re getting the “real moi,” try Muppets.com. where there are many fabulous opportunities to see moi.

PW: Do you read Publishers Weekly?

MP: As a Diva, moi needs to know everything—or at least pretend to. That’s why I read Publishers Weekly, so that I know exactly what’s going on with publishers every week, which is probably why you call it Publishers Weekly. You PW folks certainly are a clever bunch!