In celebration of the 10th anniversary of The Secret, Rhonda Byrne is releasing a new collection that shares the powerful stories of readers forever changed by her landmark book.

In The Secret, Byrne lays out a plan based on the “law of attraction,” which promises to help people effect positive changes in their lives, such as improving their health, advancing their careers, and improving their relationships. Though that might sound too good to be true, Byrne’s worldwide readership attests to the life-changing powers of the law of attraction.

Byrne has received countless letters and stories from those readers. In How The Secret Changed My Life, Byrne offers up some of the most incredible and touching stories that have been sent to her over the years.

In addition to How The Secret Changed My Life, Byrne is also releasing a beautifully designed 10th-anniversary edition of The Secret, including a powerful new foreword and afterword from Byrne, as well as the 10 most-life-changing insights that she has had over the last decade of practicing and living The Secret every day.

Byrne recently talked to Publishers Weekly about how The Secret changed her life.

Can you explain how the “law of attraction” works?

The law of attraction says that like attracts like. Our mind is made up of thoughts and images, and we are attracting into our life the experiences and circumstances that are like the thoughts and images we’re holding in our mind. Whatever you constantly think about you will attract into your life. The enormity of this knowledge and the impact it has in every moment and aspect of life is demonstrated more fully in How The Secret Changed My Life. You get to see firsthand how real people used The Secret to completely change their life circumstances.

You’ve said that hearing from readers has been one of the best things about writing the book. Are there particular letters that you cherish?

It’s a really interesting question, because every letter that I read is like the very first one. No matter how many I have read, the letter I am reading right now is the one that brings with it inconceivable happiness and joy. Whether a person writes that The Secret took them out of depression into happiness, or that they used The Secret to bring their perfect partner or conceive a baby, every letter is a miracle.

Were you surprised to hear from so many people?

I never expected such an overwhelming response. And the best thing about the feedback has been learning the ingenious and awe-inspiring ways people have used The Secret. The stories in How The Secret Changed My Life are the proof of that, and they are miraculous in every sense of the word. These stories demonstrate that no matter what it is you want, no matter how impossible it may seem, you can bring it to you.

What do you say to people who are skeptical about The Secret?

This wisdom has been heralded for centuries through avatars and ancient traditions. For some of us, the truth of The Secret hits us like a thunderbolt when we hear it, and we wake up. For others it doesn’t, because they see things differently. It’s all good and perfect exactly as it is.

How has your life changed since The Secret was published?

My life is unrecognizable from what it was 10 years ago. I would say the greatest difference is that there is hardly any lack in my life anymore, whether that be money, happiness, fulfillment, love, joy, wonder. Without the sense of lack, I am far more in awe of the beauty of this world, rather than seeing it as a world that needs fixing. This is the true foundation of happiness.

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