On July 10, Skyhorse Press will rush out The Case Against Impeaching Trump by Alan Dershowitz, for which the publisher has set an 80,000-copy first printing. PW caught up with Dershowitz for a brief Q&A about his newest book.

Why do you think this book is important to be published now?

A major issue in the upcoming mid-term elections is whether the House will turn Democrat and the Democrats will try to impeach President Donald Trump. There is a widespread belief that he could be impeached even without evidence that he has committed a high crime and misdemeanor. I am alone among academics in arguing that conviction of a high crime by the Senate is an absolute prerequisite for removal. It is imperative that my argument be out there and be part of the on-going debate.

In cautioning against the rush to impeachment, what criteria do you think is necessary to move forward? It appears you feel Trump has not committed high crimes or misdemeanors.

I am not cautioning anything. My book is not political. It is completely constitutional. What I am arguing is that regardless of what political sins President Trump may have committed, he cannot be impeached unless he has also committed high crimes and misdemeanors. Since I do not believe that he meets that daunting criterion, it would be unconstitutional to impeach him.

Have you been surprised by the reaction you have received for challenging the argument that Trump should be impeached?

I am used to being out there alone. I have spent my life making unpopular arguments, defending unpopular people, and espousing controversial causes. I am surprised, however, by how personal the attacks on me have become. Critics of my views have challenged my motives and made ad hominem attacks on me for saying exactly what I would be saying if Hillary Clinton had been elected and Republicans were trying to impeach or prosecute her.