Publishers Weekly sat down with alternative health icons Patricia Bragg and Julia Loggins to discuss their first audiobook, The Miracle of Fasting—out this fall from Patricia Bragg Books and read by Loggins—as well as their forthcoming book, Revolutionary Beauty.

Patricia, you’re a testament to Bragg Healthy Lifestyle and the other books you coauthored with your father. Why have these books sold millions of copies and stood the test of time?

Bragg: My father and I wrote books that were ahead of their time, and the things we wrote about are still relevant, if not more relevant than ever. People are searching for uncomplicated ways to boost the immune system and stay healthy, instead of complex and often ineffective fads.

The 10 books in the Bragg Health Library are being rereleased by Patricia Bragg Books. Can you talk about the updates and why they are important?

Bragg: We decided to launch Patricia Bragg Books to reach a younger audience as well as our loyal readers. The line will include not only a fresh look at the library, including new covers and edits, but also audiobooks and e-books.

Julia, Patricia Bragg Books will be releasing your reading of The Miracle of Fasting as its first audiobook. Are you a believer in fasting and other tenets of the Bragg Healthy Lifestyle?

Loggins: Oh yes! I have fasted one day a week for 40 years, and every year I enjoy three or four longer seasonal fasts. Intermittent fasting is part of my daily routine. It’s a great way to detox and boost energy, mood, and mental clarity. Giving busy folks an easy way to absorb this incredible information is an honor, especially because of the benefits that I have personally experienced from fasting, which, partnered with the Bragg Healthy Lifestyle, completely healed my body from severe allergies and other related conditions.

Tell us about your new book with Patricia Bragg, Revolutionary Beauty?

Loggins: Revolutionary Beauty is about redefining beauty as an essence and energy that we create from the inside out using the teachings of the Bragg Healthy Lifestyle. Our book outlines a toolbox of techniques for natural skin care, hormone health, and cutting- edge detox practices. It’s entertaining and, as all Bragg books are, revolutionary!

What does it mean to be a part of the Bragg Books legacy?

Loggins: To be part of the Bragg legacy is a dream come true. These teachings have been my life, my passion, and my mission for the last four decades! To have the opportunity to work with Patricia Bragg, my longtime hero, sharing this information and this message with not only those my age but the younger generation, is an incredible privilege. Patricia Bragg’s motto, “our health is our wealth,” has never been timelier.