Do you know what a Why Choose is? How about a Demon Romance? A Twisted Fairytale? If you're finding romances on TikTok, chances are you do. The category on the platform has exploded, with a bevy of new terms being coined by the avid fans finding their next romantic literary obsession on the platform.

So you're not left in the dark by your TikTok romance-loving friends, here's a trusty guide to some of TikTok's newest romantic genres and subgenres, with ideal books in the category.

Why Choose
What it is:
There's a reason the phrase "agony of choice" exists. It can be hard to make decisions. Chocolate? Vanilla? Strawberry? Rocky Road? Why Choose romances understand this. These novels feature novels that feature characters with multiple love interests, and explore non-monagamous and polyamorous relationships.
Example: Emily Rath’s Jacksonville Rays Series

Emily Rath, a bestselling Florida-based author, was among the first to bring why choose (when a protagonist embraces having several lovers) to the hockey rink with the Jacksonville Rays Hockey Romance Series. The books center on players from the titular hockey team located in Jacksonville, Florida. In the first book, Pucking Around, readers meet Rachel Price, a physical therapist for the Jacksonville Rays. With her eye on proving herself professionally, the last thing she expected was to reencounter Jake, the hockey pro she spent a passionate night with two months before. Not only that, but Jake’s best friend–tatted equipment manager Caleb–and goalie Ilmari, are making her head spin.

In Pucking Wild, 33-year-old attorney and divorcee Tess Owens is on the run from her past. When she meets 22-year-old Ryan Langley, starting forward for the Jacksonville Rays, she sees no potential for a relationship–beyond their age difference, what do they have in common? Tess is Ryan’s dream girl, though, and he’s not giving up that easily. Rath's second in the series has attracted readers with its spirit of inclusivity, body positivity, and a reverse-age-gap story.

Rath self-published Pucking Around and Pucking Wild in 2023. Within six months of its publication, #PuckingAround gained more than 27 million views, with hashtags connected to the series since accumulating more than 20 million views. Now, Kensington is releasing the trade paperback editions of the first two books, with planned editions of the remaining three books in tandem with the author’s ebook releases.

Notable comps: Icebreaker by Hannah Grace, The Deal by Elle Kennedy, The Things We Left Behind by Lucy Score

Modern Retelling
What it is:
Modern retelling romances take classic myths and legends and cast them in contemporary settings, upping the spice factor in the process. Great retellings shed new light on the stories that inspire them, while delivering their own fresh and surprising worldbuilding.
Example: Kate Stewart’s Ravenhood Series

In bestseller Kate Stewart's Ravenhood series, a modern retelling of Robin Hood, 19-year-old Cecelia moves to the small town of Triple Falls, NC, to work for her wealthy father’s business (and to secure her future inheritance). But when she meets a shadowy group of anti-capitalists who steal from the rich–i.e., Cecelia’s family–she’s intrigued and conflicted…not to mention fiercely attracted to both Sean and his best friend Dominic. The series entices with its band of bad-boy antiheroes and plentiful kink. Proving that a great romance delivers on much more than just heat, Stewart’s emotion-infused storytelling also examines themes of societal inequity.

This month, Kensington published the first in the series, Flock, which sold more than 80k copies in print before Kensington acquired it. Books two and three, Exodus and The Finish Line, will rapidly follow in August and October. The print editions include bonus scenes sure to draw fans both new and established. In late 2024 and 2025, Kensington will also release a spin-off trilogy, The Ravenhood Legacy, which includes One Last Rainy Day, followed by a never-before-published second installment, Birds of a Feather. But readers should start the journey with Flock.

Notable comps: Credence by Penelope Douglas, multiple titles by JT Geissinger, and Ana Huang

Demon Romance
What it is: Dark demon romances often feature intense, psychologically mature content with morally gray characters and often extra-spicy content. The books are spicy and scary!
Example: Harley Laroux’s the Soul’s Trilogy

In Laroux’s dark paranormal romance series set in coastal Washington State, interconnected stories introduce three powerful but listless demons–Leon, Zane, and Callum–and the women they love. Before Kensington acquired print rights to the series, #HerSoulToTake had drawn 19 million views, with #HarleyLaroux earning more than 45 million views. This year, Kensington has published Her Soul to Take and Her Soul of Revenge, with Soul of a Witch publishing in July. The Kensington editions of books one and two were both PW bestsellers, with book one topping the list for nine weeks. With its character-driven narratives, spirit of inclusivity, and kink/fetish content, The Souls Trilogy keeps readers coming back for more. Come November, they’ll get it, when Kensington releases a deluxe hardcover special edition of Her Soul to Take, which features stenciled edges, a reversible dust jacket with foiled accents, full-color designed endpapers, and more.

Notable comps: Haunting Adeline by H.D Carlton, Pestilence by Laura Thalassa, House of Earth and Blood by Sarah J. Maas

Paranormal RomCom
What it is:
Why so serious? Funny demon romances show the lighter side of these horned bad boys.
Example: Aurora Ascher’s Hell Bent Series

In Aurora Ascher’s Hell Bent books, a group of demons who are fed up with all the stifling rules in Hell, escape to Montreal, where they are each transformed by passionate love. Aurora Ascher is a proven phenomenon. She built a giant online following as an author of fantasy/paranormal romance after self-publishing her first five books in the Hell Bent series. Her traditional publishing debut, Sanctuary of the Shadow (Red Tower), sold 72k print copies within the first three months of its hardcover release. In 2025, Kensington will publish all five Hell Bent books–My Funny Demon Valentine, My Demon Hunter, Demon with Benefits, Guardian Demon, and Beauty and the Demon. Each book includes a bonus, never-before-published scene. Readers looking for fiery fantasy with rom-com elements, creature heroes, and morally gray characters will savor the ride.

Notable comps: Jeneane O'Riley’s The Infatuated Fae series, K.F. Breene’s Magical Midlife novels, and Travis Baldree’s Legends & Lattes series

Twisted Fairytale
What it is:
Twisted Fairy Tale romances reconfigure or overturn fairytale plots and tropes. These stories are often set in the modern day, offer new perspectives on familiar storylines, and offer greater character development for archetypal figures.
Example: Rebecca Zanetti’s Grimm Bargains Series

Rebecca Zanetti is no stranger to the book world. She’s the author of over 60 romantic suspense, dark paranormal, and contemporary romances. Her Grimm Bargains series takes place in an alternate future ruled by warring tech corporations. In One Cursed Rose, which offers a fresh take on Beauty and the Beast, a reclusive billionaire abducts the heir to media juggernaut Aquarius Social, imprisoning her in his reclusive lair. But Alana is no demure captive; the Beast has met his match.

The series continues with One Dark Kiss, a sexy and dynamic revamping of Snow White, and a third (as yet untitled) installment arrives in 2026. Readers eager to get their hands on a copy of One Cursed Rose are in for a special treat. Come June, along with a trade paper edition, Kensington is releasing a deluxe limited edition hardcover featuring stenciled sprayed edges, a foil-stamped cloth hardcover, designed endpapers, interior art, and a beautiful reversible dust jacket.

Notable comps: Katee Robert, Scarlett St. Clair, Jennifer Armentrout