M.F.A. application season is underway, so make sure to check out our recent M.F.A. Update, including a program spotlight interview with Sally Ball of ASU. Also, check out these stories that have been making their way around the literary Web and social media this week.

One of the creative writing world's most remarkable stories this week was about a woman who attended a Trump rally, was seated right behind the candidate, and soon found herself bored and offended by Trump's speech, so she pulled out a copy of Citizen by Claudia Rankine, the genre-bending book on race in America that has been one of literature's hottest titles this year. All of this, of course, happened on camera. Trump supporter's were understandably nonplussed, while opponents have made much of the incident. Here's Rachel Maddow's segment on it.

On the practical side, a blogger at HuffPo Books goes into great detail about how she "quit my full-time job to write for a living." Writers seeking some tips on how to make such a drastic change might want to take a look.

For those in New York who are also Moby-Dick fans, this is an exciting weekend. It's the Whitney's annual Moby-Dick marathon reading, featuring more famous and up-and-coming writers than you can count, including Heidi Julavits, John Freeman, Morgan Parker, Mira Jacob, and many others.

For small press fans and scholars near the University of Minnesota, the archives of Graywolf press, covering its 40 year history, are also now on display. Here's more info.