For years, writers have been lamenting the demise of old publishing and its big advances. Well, according to the Wall Street Journal, big advances are back...some publishers are paying more to sign on promising new writers, as we reported a year ago.

For those looking to get an M.F.A. as application season rolls on, Columbia College Chicago has some news. Not only has it signed novelist Alexander Hemon to teach, but it's also brought all the genre concentrations in its program into one department, which hadn't been the case previously.

Aspiring graphic novelists will interested in getting a writing degree will be glad to know that the Solstice low residency M.F.A. now offers a graphic narrative concentration.

Happy NaNoWriMo. That's National Novel Writing Month, when aspiring writers challenge each other to write a novel in only 30 days. Here are some resources. You've got 10 days left...

On that note, Flavorwire compiled a list of 25 books about how to be a better writer. Though, given how much novel writing you probably have to get done in the next 10 days, perhaps you should wait to read these until next month, during NaReBooAbWriAftYuJuWriANoReQuiMo: National Read Books About Writing After You've Just Written A Novel Really Quickly Month.