The holidays will hopefully provide writers and M.F.A. students some much-needed writing time. To get the creative juices flowing, we’d like to offer a roundup of our year’s worth of writing tips. Here’s some wisdom from the best:

James Lee Burke: Writing Tips

Noy Holland: Writing About Sex

William H. Gass: Writing Tips

Gavin McCrea: On Writing Historical Fiction

Joanna Walsh: On Gender in Literature

Amy Stewart: Tech Tools for Writers

Ruth Galm: On Rejection

Anne Roiphe: What 50 Years of Writing Has Taught Me

Jonathan Odel: Never Get Good at What You Hate

Mike Harvkey: On Reading Controversial Books

Gretchen Rutin: How to Become a Better Reader

Anne Paker: Writing Tips

Matt Sumell: Why Writing Is Hard

Happy holidays and happy writing!