Candace Cameron Bure is best known by millions as D.J. Tanner in the sitcoms Full House and Fuller House, as a former cohost of The View, and as the star of Hallmark Channel movies. She credits her success to her lifelong commitment to living according to the principles of the Bible. Through her partnership with DaySpring, the Christian greeting card and products subsidiary of Hallmark, Bure is sharing her faith and helping empower other women with her life-style brand, which encompasses apparel, home decor, and books. The newest addition to her line is Authentic Living: Jesus Every Day, a devotional guide and journal designed, Bure says, “to help you discover how personally following Jesus gives new perspective and purpose to your everyday life.”

Authentic Living is the first installment of a planned eight-book series of guided journals by Bure. The book contains 24 studies, each of which features a passage from Scripture, three prompts or questions for journaling, some space to write or draw, and an inspiring image. Bure’s own thoughts, reflections, and personal stories are woven throughout. “It’s been a dream of mine to create a study guide to help people understand the Bible, find Jesus, and grow in their faith,” Bure says. “This really was born out of a passion of mine. I am asked all the time, how do I start reading the Bible? Is the Bible for me? For so many, the Bible can feel over- whelming and sacred. I wanted to create something to take the fear out of reading and studying the Bible.”

Bure’s questions and prompts range from everyday opportunities to pay attention to faith— “What are some practical steps you can take to seek God first in your life?”—to the philosophical. For example, following the famous passage from 1 Corinthians 13 (“Love is patient. Love is kind...”), she asks, “Why do you suppose God said that love is greater than faith and hope?”

Bible journaling has been a growing trend for years, but Bure also takes inspiration for Authentic Living from what she sees on social media: “So many women are discovering the Bible through interactive content and creativity,” she says. “This is why I read passages out loud on my Instagram stories.” In some ways, with its clean and airy design and short passages of inspired and inspiring writing, Authentic Living feels like the best kind of inspirational social media, leaving space for commentary or conversation, not with strangers on the internet but with oneself.

“Those who love to draw, paint, or hand letter are loving the creative aspect of the Bible journaling trend,” Bure says. “A guided journal, like Authentic Living, fits both women who want to be creative and also those who want to use the space to write and reflect. It creates guardrails or a path, to help you stay on topic and spend time thinking.”

Authentic Living and her other DaySpring products reflect Bure’s openhearted spirit and commitment to helping others, especially women. “I love every- thing!” Bure says. “This is the very reason I partnered with DaySpring. I wanted to create something meaningful, a legacy, something that would last. I want to cheer each woman on in all areas of her life— faith, family, fitness. I think sometimes all someone needs to hear is: you can!”