After experiencing a mental breakdown and walking away from a $20 million company in 2020, Cat Howell was forced to rebuild her life from the ground up. “It was magic that helped me to move through this dark night of the soul,” she says, “and into a life that is at once more cherished and cherishing.”

And it was those experiences that led Howell to study magic and how it can help mental health issues and manifest a better future, which in turn led her to write Magic Source Codes: The Craft of Reality. “The desire to share my story to help others with similar experiences was ultimately the motive for writing Magic Source Codes,” she says.

In the book, Howell reveals the moments of magic she experienced as she was about to take her own life: a serendipitous knock on the door, a black mirror, a message in a book. “I was experiencing magic before I even acknowledged its existence,” Howell says. “When I became intentional with the practice, I first started to work with astral planes and simple rituals. I share these inside the book, which was in itself a literal manifestation of magic. After an entire lifetime of trying to fulfill the dream of becoming a published author and deleting hundreds of manuscripts, it was the techniques of magic I practiced that led to having a completed first draft within two weeks.”

Magic Source Codes promises to be “a foundational guide to crafting the reality you desire using innate tools within.” Readers are invited to uncover naturally occurring altered states of consciousness for tapping into their imaginations and emotions to free their creative energy. Howell hopes to inspire readers to turn inward to overcome issues like anxiety, depression, and frustration by cultivating and manifesting their own dreams and tapping into their own flow and bliss. She specifically wrote the book for “visionaries, founders, and outliers of society who are frustrated, unfulfilled, lonely, depressed, or anxious with their progress.”

For Howell, magic “is the ability to craft the physical from the nonphysical.” “In this way,” she says, “we are always engaged in the act of magic—complicit magicians whether we acknowledge it or not. Once we understand our human vessel as the magical wand that it truly is, both signal and antenna, we can guide ourselves into the highest expression of ourselves. Because the practice of magic requires that the alchemist lead the way in their reality, it is a constant process of self-discovery and remembering of self.”

The book offers readers a way to “crack the code” through the use of alchemy. “Emotions are at the center of being able to manifest and guide us back into our path of least resistance,” Howell says. “Inside Magic Source Codes I share a red light/green light system by which readers can quickly accelerate the pace of manifestation. Red being any emotion that stresses the nervous system and is a communication signal from us that tells us we are no longer aligned to our own path of least resistance. So red means Stop—do not try to visualize or conjure from this space. Green being any emotion that enhances and boosts the nervous system and means Go—this is the time to set intentions, to dream, to move forward, and act on these desires.

The process of writing Magic Source Codes inspired Howell to keep going. She is currently working on a new book about the energy of money. “Ever since putting pen to paper with Magic Source Codes, writing has been flowing out of me nonstop,” she says. “I am now working on my second book, Pay the F*cking Invoice, which is about the energetics of money and how to cultivate playful millions using the craft of magic.”