Booksellers, publishers, and agents are encouraged to take a look through the following listings of self-published books from authors either waiting to be discovered or with a track record and a following who are doing it on their own.


Gods for Future Religions: Surreal Sculpture
Ho Baron. Gallant Link, $19.95 paper (96p), ISBN 978-0-9853497-0-7
Visionary artist Ho Baron weaves a tale of a mythical kingdom where his surreal sculptures play Jungian archetypal roles.

Botanica: iPhone Photos
Ralph Nelson. Ralph Nelson, $60 hardcover (156p), ISBN 978-0-9882649-0-8
Hennessey & Ingalls, Shopify (online)
A collection of more than 78 stunning iPhone photographs of botanicals, beautifully presented in a 162-page, 11-in.×13-in. book; intro. by Ray Bradbury.

Biography & Autobiography

Forgery of the Month Club
Keith L. T. Alexander. Seaborn Assets, LLC; $9.99 e-book ISBN 978-0-615-74367-7
The author and his mother built a castle in their backyard, designed a human-powered flying machine, and bought houses with forged documents.

Message in a Body
Joseph Anfuso. Pediment Books, $27.95 hardcover (247p), ISBN 978-1-59725-253-9; $3.99 e-book
The son of a New York congressman finds meaning and purpose after a journey of self-discovery that took him from the streets of New York and London to the Himalaya Mountains.

Running Away with the Circus, or, “Now Is the Winter of Our Missing Tent”
Mel Atkey. Friendlysong Books, $23.50 paper (203p), ISBN 978-0-9916957-1-3
A memoir of Atkey’s tour of Taiwan with the American Universal Circus in 1997, based on letters he wrote home about the bizarre experience.

A Fortunate Passage: Two Families’ Journey into the Heartland
Grady T. Birdsong. VBW Publishing, $15.95 paper (266p), ISBN 978-1-62137-065-9; $9.95 e-book ISBN 978-1-62137-070-3
Ever wondered how your family came to America? Birdsong’s Grandparents journeyed from very different cultures into America’s heartland, meeting in 1919 in frontier Kansas. His orphaned grandfather traveled from a Georgia devastated by the American Civil War, while his grandmother was the youngest daughter of Volga-German immigrants. This story paints a poignant picture of life’s difficulties in the early 20th century.

Sorry I Was No Fun at the Circus: Devil Winds in the City of Angels
Deborah Giovanni Chastain. Santiago Publishing, $19.95 paper (400p), ISBN 978-0-615-62811-0; $9.95 e-book
All bookstores, Amazon,
In an intimate and disturbing narrative, the author relates how she faced a stage III breast cancer diagnosis while in an abusive relationship. When she finally confronted her husband about his lack of support, he left her. Here is one woman’s attempt to find understanding and meaning in the most stunning disappointments and betrayals of life.

Journey Man: A World Calling
William Claassen. Cornel & Williams, $17.95 paper (276p) ISBN 978-0615608488
Starting at an Israeli collective farm in 1974 and ending, 30 years later, on a Native American reservation, Claassen traveled through nine countries on four continents. His adventures include surprises as a long-distance hitchhiker, dropping into a revolution, facing a devastating earthquake, and embracing spiritual awakenings.

What in Sam Hill?: The Empire Builder
Glenn Dykstra. CreateSpace, $8.50 paper (102p), ISBN 978-1-4818-9979-6
The life, loves, accomplishments, and forgotten discoveries of the famous 1900s Pacific Coast architect and entrepreneur, Sam Hill.

Kaua’i Kids in Peace and War
Bill Fernandez. Makani Kai Media, $19.95 paper (250p), ISBN 978-1-4793-8491-4, 650-324-4321
Pearl Harbor changed Bill Fernandez’s childhood days on Kaua’i, in Hawaii. Making tin canoes and surfing on an ironing board changed to fear, racism, gas masks, and GIs.

Christmas on the Move out West
Matthew Gonder. Matthew Gonder, $6.99 paper (122p), ISBN 978-0-9852002-0-6
This wacky memoir recounts Christmas in snowy Portland, Ore., in 1968. A motherless clan of five children, father, and aunt make do against all odds, reminding us that family, regardless of its composition or resources, is all one needs to be truly happy.

Hartland to Capitol Hill: The Journey of a Wounded Healer
Ernie Gunderson and Mary Gunderson. North Star Press, $14.95 (228p), ISBN 978-0-87839-578-1; $8.99 e-book
Mary, the daughter of Danish immigrants, grew up in Minnesota and Iowa, was a country school teacher, married a farmer, and raised 11 children, two of whom suffered from mental illness. As the founder of a local chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, she testified before Congress to tell her family’s tragic story. This work by her son is based on her unpublished family history as well as diaries, journals, letters, and essays.

Life Minus 3½: A True Story Surrounding the Embezzlement of Eleven Million Dollars
Dennis Hart. Dennis Hart, $13.95 paper (398p), ISBN 978-0-9853010-1-9; $1.99 e-book
A habitual gambler recounts a life of bad decisions in sports books and corporate embezzlement, and the effect it had on his family.

The Year of the Cicadas
Catie Hartsfield. Crooked Tree Publishing, $14.95 paper (373p), ISBN 978-0-9884567-0-9; $ e-book ISBN 978-1-62488-533-4; Amazon;
When Hartsfield’s teenage son fell from a 180-foot cliff, he suffered traumatic brain damage and other injuries. In the months that follow, the author and her husband communicate through journals, revealing how this tragic incident changed family dynamics, and the author’s views about herself, family, God, and her marriage. perspectives.

Thou Shalt Not Steal: The Baseball Life and Times of a Rifle-Armed Negro League Catcher
Bill “Ready” Cash and Al Hunter Jr. Love Eagle Books, $11.95 paper (202p), ISBN 978-0-615-44546-5; $2.99 e-book; Amazon
The candid, gritty, and often humorous autobiography of 91-year-old Negro Leaguer Bill “Ready” Cash, feisty all-star catcher for the Philadelphia Stars in the 1940s. It won the 2012 Robert Peterson Recognition Award from the Society for American Baseball Research, Negro Leagues Committee.

Tigering: Memoir of an Ivy League Mascot
Blanche Rainwater Kapustin. CreateSpace, $9.95 paper (222p), ISBN 978-1-4820-8561-7; 99¢ e-book
Nearly 18 years after graduating, Kapustin writes of her four years as the Princeton mascot, loathed by Penn, Cornell, Columbia. Here are the behind-the-mask pranks, fights, and lessons in having a secret identity.

How Was I Supposed to Know?: The Adventures of a Girl Whose Name Means Lost
Lorna Lee. Early Girl Enterprises, $11.99 paper (402p), ISBN 978-0-9888468-0-7; $5.99 e-book ISBN 978-0-9888468-1-4
Was Lorna born curious and insecure or did her father’s mysterious disappearance when she was four years old make her that way? Was she really a Good Girl or was she clever enough to be an adept actress? Why did she wait until she was 50 to start saying what was really on her mind? In this memoir, the author invites readers to transform their life stories from tales of woe to tales of wow.

Fahim Speaks: A Warrior-Actor’s Odyssey from Afghanistan to Hollywood and Back
Fahim Fazlui and Michael Moffett. Warriors Publishing Group, $14.95 paper (214p), ISBN 978-0-9821670-7-6; $8.99 e-book
Hollywood actor Fahim Fazli was born in Afghanistan, but escaped with his family when the country was torn by war and civil strife. In the U.S. he found a career as an actor, yet returned to Afghanistan as a Marine Corps interpreter, where his personality and cultural awareness made him a target for the Taliban.

Leaving: A Memoir
Frank Phelan. CreateSpace, $17.60 paper (516p), ISBN 978-1-4700-5725-1; $9.99 e-book
Both a memoir and a biography, this is also a love story between a priest and a nun. Anne Francis Cavanaugh, the provincial superior of the Sisters of Mercy of Erie, Pa., was leading her Sisters through the changes of the ’60s. But when the Church retrenched after Pope John’s death, Anne Francies was called to the Vatican for questioning. As a priest, Phelan supported her and relates her story in detail. . The book follows Phelan’s short story collection based on reminiscences, “Four Ways of Computing Midnight,” published by Scribner in 1985 and reprinted in paperback in 2002.“”

Driven by Faith: A Memoir of Faith, Family and Finding Purpose
Earnestine and Todd Robinson. WordText Publisher, $15.99 paper (310p), ISBN 978-0-9886552-0-1; $7.99 e-book ISBN 978-0-9886552-1-8
Robinson struggles to overcome humble beginnings and incredible odds until she stands front and center as a composer on the stage of Carnegie Hall.

Give Me Your Truth: Inspiration, Memoirs and Musings from the World of a New York City Publicist
Sherri Rosen. Amazon Digital Services, $2.99 e-book ISBN 978-0-615-67994-5
New York City publicist Sherri Rosen serves up a compilation of musings and memoir, showcasing bold ideas and her passion for authenticity in a collection about publicity, book promotion, and the human condition.

If I Only Knew...
Gigi Scott. Eco Press Publishing, $22 paper (655p), ISBN 978-1-4801-9362-8; $5.99 e-book
The story of three generations, all female, all Jewish, spans three continents, from the late 19th century to 2012, always circling back to that haunting phrase, “if I only knew.”

Bloody but Unbowed
John Seaman. Writers Club Press, $29.50 paper (519p), ISBN 978-0-595-23073-0; $2.99 e-book ISBN 978-1-61430-532-3
McNally Jackson Books; Amazon;
The saga of an artist’s life, successes, illicit sex, and madness.

Hell Camp: How to Chew on a Crazy Childhood and Avoid Choking
Niki Smart. iMay Productions, $15 paper (288p), ISBN 978-0-9856166-0-1; $8.99 e-book ISBN 978-0-9856166-1-8
A fast-paced, slap-in-the-face journey through a bizarre childhood with a crazy mother who will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Relating one of the best worst-childhoods, this memoir is hilariously funny yet heartbreakingly sad.

Negroes, Flies and Wet Toilet Paper; Confessions of a Preacher’s Daughter: Losing My Religion and Finding God
Debra Roberts Torres-Reyes. iUniverse, $22.95 paper (306p), ISBN 978-1-4502-1901-3
A tell-all story of religious abuse and overcoming it as told by a preacher’s daughter .

Body, Mind & Spirit

I Am Not a Buddhist
Charity Seraphina Fields. CreateSpace, $14.99 paper (240p), ISBN 978-1-4750-8566-2
With lucid style and wit, Fields interweaves the past, the present, and the future; science and spirituality; the East and the West; earth and space; and prose and poetry to produce a rich tapestry infused with original inspirational insight.

Destination Happiness: Everything You Need to Know to Stay on Course!
Alice Inoue. CreateSpace, $14.95 paper (123p), ISBN 978-1-4792-6342-4; $9.99 e-book
A guidebook for anyone wanting clear direction on enjoying a happier life. Multiple modalities are woven together to address the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual realms.

Suicide Was on My Mind
David Mize. RoseDog Books, $14 paper (116p), ISBN 978-1-4349-3181-8; $9 e-book ISBN 978-1-4349-2491-9
(800) 788-7654
One man’s rebirth from a life of danger, addictions, and attempted suicides, in which he gives his life to God and finds peace of mind and joy.

Divining Truth: Straight Talk from Source
Toni Elizabeth Sar’h Petrinovich. Infinity Publishing, $20.95 (408p), ISBN 978-0-7414-8039-2
A compilation of the 75 most commonly asked questions answered by the I AM Presence. Foreword by Birgitt Williams.

I Left My Prostate in San Francisco: Coping with the Emotional Relational, Sexual and Spiritual Aspects of Prostate Cancer
Rick and Brenda Redner. WestBow Press, $19.95 paper (272p), ISBN 78-1-4497-7961-0; $2.99 e-book ISBN 978-1-4497-7960-3
From the hospital to the bedroom the author and his wife share their mistakes, victories, and lessons learned to help other couples cope with prostate cancer.

Business & Economics

Follow the Money: The Money Trail Through History
Ruben Alvarado. WordBridge Publishing, $24.99 paper (214p), ISBN 978-90-76660-25-7
A survey of the three historical forms of money and how the form of money a society implements determines the kind of society it will be and how those in that society will think.

Drawing on Brilliance
Jackie Bassett and Randy Rabin. AuthorHouse, $25.68 paper (176p) ISBN 978-1438992235; $3.99 e-book
Rabin and Jackie Bassett rescue patent lithographs discarded by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and uncover the secrets to innovation success behind them.

Marketing in a World of Digital Sharing: Are You Drowning in Social Media Noise and Chaos?
Sujata Ramnarayans. MARS Publishing, $16.95 paper (228p), ISBN 978-0-9859386-0-4; $16.95 e-book ISBN 978-0-9859386-1-1
Addressing marketers, this book will help readers use social media where it can best influence business performance, providing valuable information for both novices and experienced marketers.

How to Get a Job Without Going Crazy: A Practical Guide to Your Employment Search, 2nd Edition
Donna L. Shannon. The Personal Touch Career Services, $16.99 paper (264p), ISBN 978-1-4681-4796-4
Job searching has changed, but many job seekers have not. Learn the latest tricks to edge out the competition and impress the hiring managers.

StoryBranding: Creating Stand-Out Brands Through the Power of Story
Jim Signorelli. Greenleaf Book Group Press, $24.95 hardcover (220p), ISBN 978-1608321452; $9.99 e-book
A 30-year advertising veteran proposes a revolutionary approach to story-based marketing, for brands in search of meaningful and motivating identities.

Green Beans & Ice Cream
Bill Sims. Greenbean Leadership Publications, $17.95 paper (144p), ISBN 978-09860213-0-5
This groundbreaking book, based on more than 100 years of research into human behavior and decades of successful workshops for top corporations, explains why positive reinforcement is one of the most powerful forces on the planet.

Comics & Graphic Novels

Kacy McKinney and Milissa Orzolek. She Was Solitary, $17 paper (62p), ISBN 978-0-615-65281-8
(504) 656-6553
A graphic novel about three jellyfish who explore the perils of underwater living.


Muffins to Slim By: Fast Low-Carb Gluten-Free Bread and Muffin Recipes to Mix and Microwave in a Mug
Em Elless. MUFN Books, $9.95 paper (132p), ISBN 978-0-9858224-2-2
This innovative low-carb gluten-free cookbook features what dieters miss most: fresh-baked breads ready to eat in less than five minutes.


Yes, We Are Stupid in America: A Former Principal’s Reality Check on Why Our Public Schools Are Failing
Vicky Wells. iUuniverse, $16.95 paper (168p), ISBN 978-1-4759-7187-3; $3.99 e-book ISBN 978-1-4759-7188-0
(912) 294-4358
A former principal explains why American students do not perform as well as students from countries like Finland, Singapore, and South Korea.

Family & Relationships

Your Turn for Care: Surviving the Aging and Death of the Adults Who Harmed You
Laura S. Brown. CreateSpace, $15.99 paper (182p), ISBN 978-1-4782-7418-6; $9.99 e-book
Adult survivors of childhood maltreatment may face the aging and death of adult family members who harmed them; a clinical psychologist offers this book for them.

Secret Storms: A Mother and Daughter, Lost Then Found
Julie Mannix von Zerneck and Kathy Hatfield. Blue Blazer, $14.95 paper (338p), ISBN 978-0-9857358-0-7; $9.99 e-book ISBN 978-0-9857358-1-4
A young Philadelphia debutante becomes pregnant and gives her baby up for adoption. Years later, that daughter goes in search of her birth mother. This is the story of two strangers and the riveting journey each took to redeem the past.

A Real Mother: Stumbling Through Motherhood
Denise Malloy. One Red Dog Press, $10 paper (136p), ISBN 978-0-615-57731-9; 99¢ e-book ISBN 978-1-4524-7042-9
Blogger and writer Malloy was totally uninterested in motherhood until she got pregnant—and then she determined to do it right. Her collection describes a world most parents will recognize, but few have described quite so honestly or hilariously.

Never Assume: Getting to Know Children Before Labeling Them
Patricia McGuire. Advantage Media Group, $11.99 paper (106p), ISBN 978-1-59932-392-3; $9.99 e-book
Focusing on the behaviors of children and how to understand them, Dr. McGuire uses her developmental pediatric experience to help readers help their children.

The Approximate Parent: Discovering the Strategies That Work with Your Teenager
Michael Y. Simon. Fine Optics Press, $19.95 paper (510p), ISBN 978-0-9852276-9-2; $9.99 e-book ISBN 978-0-9852276-7-8
Helps readers translate what their teen thinks, feels, and does—to give them practical ways of supporting teens from adolescence into adulthood.


Red Lace: A Collection of Literary Tongasms
Ailawishes. Xlibris, $15.99 paper (69p), ISBN 978-1-4797-4562-3; $3.99 e-book ISBN 978-1-4797-4563-0
Erotic tales filled with delicious, orgasmic sex-capades that leave nothing to the imagination.

New Beginnings
Stephanie Amox. CENA Publishing, $18.99 paper (530p), ISBN 978-0-615-75173-3; $5.99 e-book
Two girls in a small Texas town find their life is not what it seems, and they must navigate the danger facing them to find out what is real.

A Noble Spirit
Joanne M. Anderson. Perry Creek Publishing, $14.95 paper (192p), ISBN 978-0-9706542-1-2; $9.99 e-book ISBN 978-0-9706542-2-9; Baker & Taylor
The characters are fictional, but the horses are real in this story of a veteran of the Afghanistan war in his first civilian job and a girl who befriends a horse as they deal with issues of self-esteem, anxiety, personal loss, friendship, and reconciliation.

Death in Bagheria: A Serafina Florio Mystery
Susan Russo Anderson. Conca d’Oro Publishing, $3.99 e-book ISBN 978-0-9849726-3-0
In March 1870 Sicily, Serafina Florio investigates the suspicious death of a baroness and uncovers a dangerous plot to destroy the heirs to a large fortune.

Generic: Book One
Michael V. Anthony. CreateSpace, $8.99 paper (191p), ISBN 1-4751-05556-8
Michael, a mailroom employee, finds himself wrapped up in a massive cover-up coordinated by his employer, Globonix.

My Life on Craigslist
Alexandra Ares. CreateSpace, $13.95 paper (204p), ISBN 978-1-4609-8582-3; $5.99 e-book
Amazon;; iTunes
Chick lit with a twist: a young woman comes to New York to make it big, but loses her art gallery job and cheating artist boyfriend. She turns to Craigslist to find out what to do next in her life, and discovers oddities, humiliations, and rare successes. Finalist in the USA Best Books Award.

The Other Girl
Alexandra Ares. Smart Media New York, $8.99 paper (128p), ISBN 978-0-615-74842-9; $3.99 e-book
The minimalist literary novel tells the story of a conversation between an older feminist Italian woman and a young macho Russian man who become roommates. They are torn between the desire to belong and to break away from unfulfilling love. Winner of the Next Generation Indie Award for Best Novella 2012.

(Marvin’s) World of Deadheads
Paul Atreides. CreateSpace, $10.95 paper (271p), ISBN 978-1-4801-2682-4; $2.99 e-book ISBN 978-1-301-43961-4
Ghost meets The Hangover when 28-year-old Marvin dies after being hit by a bus. In this humorous romp through life after death, Marvin conspires with his new friends, also dead, to kill his girlfriend, but there are rules in the afterlife.

Black Cobra
John Avery. Apticon Books, $ paper (285p), ISBN 978-0-9836963-3-9; $3.99 e-book ISBN 978-0-9836963-2-2
In this sequel to Three Days to Die, Avery combines the romance of the Caribbean with the horrors of modern-day piracy and the complex realities of the Cold War in an exciting thriller.

Deke Brolin Rhol
Doug Backus. LBTEH, $11.99 paper (297p), ISBN 978-0-9876732-0-6; $2.99 e-book
When 17-year-old Deke Brolin finds the Sacred Amulet of Rhol, he also finds himself in a strange world and that he is at the forefront of a quest to save the Balance of the Five Worlds, or the Universe as we know it. First in a series.

The Kindness Of Ravens
Frank Bardessono. CreateSpace, $14 paper (280p), ISBN 978-0-615-64956-6
Amazon; Vroman’s Bookstore
College student Daren is cursed with hyperempathy, always trying to balance the ethereal and the material. He falls in love with Lee, an enigmatic woman who may be a Native American demigoddess. Here is a postmodern tale of magical realism.

Whispered to the Heart
Terry Barnes. Liberty University Press, $12.99 paper (283p), ISBN 978-1-935986-24-9; $10.99 e-book ISBN 978-1-935986-37-9
Bible professor Luke Kendell, battling doubt and a crisis of faith, remembers a life-changing pinewood derby and an unusual prayer to a silent God.

Breach of Power
Chuck Barrett. Switchback Press, $14.95 paper (384p), ISBN 978-0-9885061-0-7; $5.99 e-book ISBN 978-0-9885061-1-4
A journal found deep inside a glacier threatens the presidency of the United States. Jake Pendleton is ordered to locate and acquire the book, but others are on a quest to find it as well, and they’ll kill to get there first.

January Exposure: An Ellie Craven Mystery
Sunny Benson. Sunny Benson, $2.99 e-book ASIN B00BERCVTQ
In Fargo, N.Dak., the mercury is hibernating below zero. Although chemist Ellie Craven prefers playing hockey to playing detective, she uses her chemistry connections and a sleigh-full of fortitude to rescue her kidnapped niece and expose a murderer who uses the weather as a weapon.

Between Bodies Lie
H. M. Blanc. AuthorHouse, $23.95 paper (346p), ISBN 978-1-4772-6911-4
A writer seeks to salvage his declining career on a small tropical island, and instead finds opportunity for personal redemption in this nuanced exploration of personal intimacies that tie and divide.

Mechanic of Fortune
Peter Bollington. Inkwater Press, $22.95 paper (398p), ISBN 978-1-59299-816-6; $4.99 e-book ISBN 978-1-59299-817-3
Amazon; Barnes and Noble
PI James Terrell is hired to find an ex-husband. On his quest through the West, this detective satire–cum–romance lights on the Occupy movement, hitchhikers, scheming doctors, literary figures, combining surrealism with moral fable.

The Moroni Deception
Jack L. Brody. Visigoth Press, $9.99 paper (335p), ISBN 978-0-615-72226-9; $3.79 e-book ISBN 978-0-615-65071-5
Identical ritual murders 2,000 miles apart appear to be connected to a Mormon relic long thought to be a myth. Journalist Michael Chenault is accused of the first murder, then investigates the second one in a case that may determine the fate of a presidential race and of the Mormon Church.

Hard Magic
John Caruso. CreateSpace, $15.95 paper (392p), ISBN 978-1-4791-0385-0; 99¢ e-book
Amazon; Ingram;
Fourteen-year-old Jude Corgan is haunted by his brother’s death in a car crash and the mysterious wrecks appearing on the Corgan property in Twin Gaps, Vt., in the years since. Seeking answers leads Jude to a powerful magic that can change the world.

Ryan Case. Ryan Case, $12.99 paper (365p), ISBN 978-0-615-77039-0; $4.99 e-book ISBN 978-1-301-21924-7
Amazon; Smashwords
Masalai are local supernatural beings on Papua New Guinea. When a graduate student is framed for murder, she can only save herself by piecing together clues buried in the Papua New Guinea jungle that connect the legends of vampires and werewolves with science, history, folklore, and genocide.

The Trouble with Love
Cheri Champagne. CreateSpace, $10.60 paper (442p), ISBN 978-1-4793-4251-8; $7.99 e-book ISBN 978-1-4566-1058-6
Amazon;; iTunes;
It seems that Maj. Charles Bradley no longer cares for his former best friend, Lady Charlotte Mason. But when Charles must protect Charlotte from kidnappers, that may be harder than he expected. Second in the Mason Siblings series.

The Hangman’s Replacement: Sprout of Disruption
Taona Dumisani Chiveneko. Chiveneko Publishing Inc., $14.99 (490p), ISBN 978-0-9918524-0-6; $2.99 e-book
When Zimbabwe’s hangman retired in 2004, perhaps he wouldn’t be replaced. But a good man desperate for a job applies, and the discovery of man-eating plants creates more chaos.

Tendrils of Life
Owen Choi. Princeton Falcon Press, $11.95 paper (406p), ISBN 978-0-9857286-0-1; $4.95 e-book
A 16-year-old boy, Jimin, aches to return to his old home on a remote island during the Korean War. Only his absent father knows the way, so Jimin and his seven-year-old sister set out across the war-torn country in an effort to find him.

Heart of Wisdom
Alan N. Clifford. Lion Publishers, $8.95 paper (216p), ISBN 978-0-9888597-0-8; $4.95 e-book ISBN 978-0-9888597-1-5
(508) 505-1523
A survivor of WWII’s Bataan Death March becomes a renowned medical researcher decades later. His decision to reject a Japanese medical award and forfeit a research grant for his university leads to moral conflict and the ethics of medical research.

Blood, Smoke and Ashes
Bradley Convissar. Darkest Days Publishing, $10.99 paper (355p), ISBN 978-1-4819-2886-1; $2.99 e-book
A supernatural horror thriller follows an FBI agent and storage unit auction hunter as they hunt for a killer known as Jane the Ripper.

Daniel’s Heroes
Monel Costin. CreateSpace, $12.25 paper (270p), ISBN 978-1-4801-1866-9; $4.88 e-book
Spanning several countries and political regimes, this is the tale of a Romanian Jewish father and son,the father a high-ranking official of the oppressive Communist government, the son a tennis prodigy.

Sue Cruise. CreateSpace, $8.95 paper (221p), ISBN 978-1-4681-4592-2; 99¢ e-book ISBN 978-1-62345-915-4
The death of Bud Ritter’s mother in 2008 leads him and his brothers and sisters to reminisce about growing up in 1960s Galveston, Tex., as the current owner of their childhood home lets them wander through it one more time.

Search for the Lost Realm
Kraig Dafoe. KWD Publishing, $15.95 paper (370p), ISBN 978-1-4819-2281-4; $3.99 e-book ISBN 978-0-9882608-1-8; Amazon; iTunes
A young man sets out to find a mystical power, missing from the world of Kantania for thousands of years.

My Sanctuary
T. Daulton. T. Daulton Publishing, $6.99 e-book ISBN 978-1-62209-347-2
Meet Alex: she’s shy, awkward, and lonely, but she’s also smart, kind, and courageous. Follow as she discovers the importance of faith, family, and love.

January Justice
Athol Dickson. Athol Dickson, $14.99 paper (340p), ISBN 978-0-9854302-9-0; $9.99 e-book ISBN 978-0-9854302-8-3
A chauffeur and bodyguard for Hollywood’s rich and famous, Malcolm Cutter is reeling from his wife’s unsolved murder. A pair of Guatemalan tough guys, either patriotic revolutionaries or vicious terrorists, offer him a job. Then he gets a bomb through his window, a gangland beating on the streets of L.A., and three bullets in the chest. Dickson has won three Christy Awards and an

Audie Award.
Ice on the Grapevine: A Hunter Rayne Highway Mystery
R.E. Donald. Proud Horse, $14.95 paper (306p) ISBN 978-0-981118-1-3; $4.99 e-book ISBN 978-1-4657-2034-4
A frozen corpse is dumped on California’s Grapevine Pass, and an ex-cop is persuaded to help free two fellow truckers charged with the murder.

Child of the Sword: Book 1 of the Gods Within
J.L. Doty. Telemachus Press, $8.99 paper (410p), ISBN 978-1-938701-88-7; $3.99 e-book ISBN 978-1-938135-88-0
Amazon;; Smashwords; iBooks
Rat is a filthy and malnourished feral child who survives on what he can steal, and by hiding within his own magical shadows. Adopted in the greatest of the Lesser Clans, he’s enlisted in the wars between the Lesser and Greater Clans, which is actually proxy for the wars between the righteous and the fallen gods.

Slingshot: Book One
Marc Douglas. CreateSpace, $12.95 paper (299p), ISBN 978-1-4664-0993-4; $2.99 e-book ISBN 978-1-4664-0993-4
Colonists on an alien planet were forced to migrate by dwindling resources, pollution, and social unrest on their home planet. When their two spaceships crash, the passengers on each believe they are the only survivors, yet when they meet, war is the first result. First of a four-book series.

Buh-Bye! Harry!
Brie Edison. Smashwords, $4.99 e-book ISBN 9781301385959
iBooks;; Diesel; Kobo; Sony
A shattered and grieving widow and a PI partner are forced into trusting one another while tracking a cold-blooded killer, as they confront their doubts and fears.

Genevieve Fairbrother. CreateSpace, $12.95 paper (274p), ISBN 978-1-4793-3996-9; $4.99 e-book
A woman discovers she is the latest embodiment of a goddess who escaped from the underworld centuries ago. Hades still hunts for her but times have changed, and she’s done running.

The Final Confession of Justine Moritz, trans. by Tomas J. Basarich, S.J.
Mark Ferra. Mark Ferra, $1.99 E-Book (0p), ISBN 978-1-61430-947-5; $ e-book ISBN
This novella serves as an adjunct to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. The Frankensteins’ housekeeper, Justine, who has been framed by the Creature for the murder of young William Frankenstein, makes her final confession to a priest who has known her since childhood. Although innocent, she confesses to the murder (dropping a juicy tidbit or two about the Frankenstein family).

I Shall Be Gone
Richard Ferrara. Pruett Street Press, $14.95 paper (400p), ISBN 978-0-615-75397-3
Something funny is going on in the mind of Jobeus. Cast out by grim fate from his destroyed home, marooned at the Hawses’ foster house on the edge of a pathless wood, he seeks a way out of his exile. But which way he goes, only the west wind knows.

Melinda Field. Wise Women Ink, $15 paper (345p), ISBN 978-0-9762008-3-3; $6.99 e-book
When 16-year-old Cat’s mother is sent to prison in 1998, Cat travels from Phoenix, Ariz., to Northern California to live with, first, her grandmother, then a nurse/midwife and her horsewomen friends. Over the course of a year, these women confront change, attempts at love, family truths and explore the rich realm of nature, womanhood, family, and the bonds of friendship.

Three Is the Charm
Ian Finkel. More4many, $19.95 paper (156p), ISBN 978-90-819354-0-1
A powerful and brutal account of the dark sides of street life in 1956 New York City presents a story of three working girls, the diner owner who protects them, and three men working in the meatpacking district. Yet in the end love conquers all.

The Tesla Conspiracy: How far will they go to keep it a secret?
Michael D. Finley. Law Offices of Michael D. Finley, $14.99 paper (327p), ISBN 978-0-9884350-1-8; $5.99 e-book ISBN 978-0-9884350-0-1
Graduate students Kathy Olson and Julie Lozano explore evidence of a historical conspiracy to suppress the discoveries of scientific genius Nikola Tesla and battle the sinister forces bent on hiding the secret to free energy.

I Punch the General
I. Flowers. Imflowers, $7.70 paper (186p), ISBN 978-0-615-70461-6; $4.99 e-book ISBN
In 2248 Earth is so environmentally degraded that humanity is forced to search for a new home outside of the galaxy. When a military battalion is sent to a planet where a scientific team has disappeared, soldier Keven Wingham discovers that he has a paranormal connection with the locals.

Tales from the Loon Town Cafe
Dennis Frahmann. Dennis Frahmann, $14.95 paper (332p), ISBN 978-1-4825-5507-3; $7.99 e-book ISBN 978-1-301-07396-2
A amalltown boy leaves his big city job to open a hometown restaurant in the north woods and gets trapped in the collision of fame, fortune, ambition, and love.

Cupcakes & Chardonnay
Julia Gabriel. Serif Books, $3.82 e-book ISBN 978-0-9886338-4-1
In this fun, contemporary romance, Suzanne Austin owns the hottest cupcake shop in San Francisco. Then her former boyfriend, wealthy playboy and wine heir Daryle Catterton, shows up with a business proposal she can’t afford to refuse.

Too Dark to Sleep
Dianne Gallagher. Brayer Publishing, $13.99 paper (390p), ISBN 978-0-9859541-0-9; $5.99 e-book
Former Chicago homicide detective Maggie Quinn is obsessed with her last case, but is she targeting the right person or will she ruin the life of an innocent man?

Razing Cain
Roberta Georgiou. Roberta Georgiou, $2.99 e-book(318p), ISBN 978-0-9889350-0-6
Pregnant Sarah in 1972 finds her situation oddly mirroring that of her Hungarian grandfather and grandmother. Family secrets and the fate of the family farm expose the destructive legacy parents can bequeath to generations and the need to sever those shackles.

The First Darkness
Mitchell Earl Gibson. Tybro Publications, $10.95 paper (302p), ISBN 978-1-935674-75-7; $0.99 e-book
In a spiritual thriller, a 12-billion-year-old angel faces a rare fatal malady that can only be overcome by a human woman with a special gift.

Secrets and Strangers
James Gilbert. James Gilbert, $7.95 paper (130p), ISBN 9780615669328
A collection of short stories set along the Mediterranean; Prague; Washington, D.C.; Chicago; and in southern Illinois explores the insides of experience, the multiple meanings of memory, and the reactions of characters beyond the traces they have left in archives. The author, a professor of history at the University of Maryland, says, “The joy of fiction writing is liberation from [one] sort of truth [adherence to the facts] and immersion in another.”

World Without Safewords: A Mistress Erminegard Suspense Novel
R.R. Gilston. CreateSpace, $11.49 paper (298p), ISBN 978-1-4536-3505-6
A fast, funny, literary answer to Fifty Shades of Grey crossed with a murder mystery. Raised by opera singers, Manhattan’s Mistress Erminegard possesses the highly trained ear that makes her New York’s premier dominatrix. She captures a murderer assisted by her submissives: the chief of police, a marine drill sergeant, and a Broadway star.

Syd and Marcy
Beaird Glover. Bugady Books, $2.99 e-book (177p) ISBN 978-1-301-70168-1
A dark thriller finds a cool couple committing murder and videotaping it. Then the camera falls into the hands of a detective, who would rather see them dead than make it to Hollywood alive.

Deadly Relations: Book Three of the Deadly Trilogy
Alexa Grace. CreateSpace, $12.60 paper (342p), ISBN 978-0-9855939-1-9; $2.99 e-book
Detective Jennifer Brennan vows to find the killer of three young women while fighting her attraction to her detective partner, which violates department rules.

The Promises You Keep
Karen Marie Graham. Books-A-Daisy, $4.99 paper (160p), ISBN 978-1-938678-01-1; $2.99 e-book ISBN 978-1-938678-00-4
Sydney Mackenzie, a language arts teacher, is abandoned and hiding from her past. But she’s forced to face it when a new a student in her class may be facing a similar fate.

BloodLight: The Apocalypse of Robert Goldner
Harambee K. Grey-Sun. Amazon Digital Services, $4.99 e-book (160p), ISBN 978-1-62675-009-8
African-American teen Robert Goldner desperately wants to become a high school wrestling champion to redeem the curse he thinks his murdered mother saw in him. In this dark metaphysical fantasy, Robert must wrestle with a dark force for his very soul. For mature readers.

Thwarted Queen: A Saga About the Yorks, Lancasters and Nevilles
Cynthia Sally Haggard. Spun Stories Press, $18.99 paper (495p), ISBN 978-1-4801-5539-8; $2.99 e-book ISBN 978-0-9848169-1-0
As the Hundred Years War comes to an end and the War of the Roses is about to begin, the wife of Richard, duke of York, bears a son after a love affair. Here is a portrait of a woman trapped by power, a marriage undone by betrayal, and a king brought down by fear.

Prelude and Fugue
Laura Haley-McNeil. CreateSpace, $14.99 paper (298p), ISBN 978-1-4751-8013-8; 99¢ e-book ISBN 978-1-4660-1278-3
In the Prelude, Olivia St. Claire accomplishes her dream to become a pianist, while studying with former concert pianist Liam Wallace. In the Fugue, her attraction to the married Liam causes everything to fall apart when she has the opportunity to perform with him.

Beta: Project Avatar
A.M.D. Hays. Diadema Press, $25.99 hardcover (414p), ISBN 978-0-9854182-0-5
Ingram; Amazon; Barnes & Noble
World-class cryptographer Dee Lockwood must fight against an array of rogue, sociopathic assassins intent on stealing a defunded military software application and igniting a third Gulf War.

Chris Hejmanowski. Fischer Press, $9.99 paper (334p), ISBN 978-0-9857180-0-8; $5.99 e-book ISBN 978-0-9857180-2-2
What if heaven is an alternate dimension? Particle physicist Fin Canty uncovers the answers to science’s biggest mysteries as he journeys through a multiverse to reunite his family and give the world proof of the afterlife.

Crawford Hill: Book One: Derek Montgomery Crawford IX
Robin Hewitt. Hewitt Books, $11.99 (360p), ISBN 978-1-4801-2177-5; $6.99 e-book
Psychological suspense combine with graphic sex violence in this thriller in which Derek Crawford is drawn into a serial murder investigation despite his own family secrets, leavened by a dark sense of cynical humor.

Julie Mangos: Book Two of the Sangster Fi’ Manley Trilogy
Bernard James. Buffalo Soldier Press, $17.95 paper (255p), ISBN 978-0-9840466-3-8; $9.99 e-book ISBN
Amazon; iBookStore; Barnes & Noble
A contemporary drama set in London and Kingston, Jamaica, deals with one woman’s search for closure and clarity concerning her mother’s murder and the identity of her father.

The Geneva Decision: Pia Sabel #1
Seeley James. Seeley James, $29.99 hardcover (276p), ISBN 978-0-9886996-2-5; $5.99 e-book ISBN 978-0-9886996-0-1
An international soccer star, Pia Sabel takes over her billionaire father’s private security company. On her first day on the job, she sees a client assassinated before her eyes. There’s no time for training, so Pia must trust her instincts and athletic skills to unravel the complicated maze of money laundering and piracy that take her from Swiss mansions to the jungles of Cameroon.

Scrolls of Darkness
Paul Henry Johnson. Outskirtspress, $16.95 paper (209p), ISBN 978-1-4327-9531-3; 99¢ e-book
Corporate attorney Brent Michaels, descended from ancient prophets, is called on by a friend of his late father to locate ancient Satanic scripts known as the Scrolls of Darkness. Michaels along with a beautiful archeologist, travels from Paris to New Zealand, Rio de Janeiro, and the Middle East for the final showdown.

Winter Reeds
Holland Kane. Rumor House Books, $14.95 paper (330p), ISBN 978-0-9858293-0-8; $2.99 e-book ISBN 978-0-9858293-1-5
Ingram; Amazon
A documentary filmmaker travels from New York City to a remote northwest town to research a long-unsolved arson. A fellow New Yorker comes to the same town researching her family’s complicated past. The local sheriff has his own reasons for thwarting their investigations, which may all tie together into a smalltown scandal.

Angels in Stone
Tanja Kobasic. Stone Series Publishing, $17 paper (456p), ISBN 978-0-9881554-0-4; $9.99 e-book ISBN 978-0-9881554-1-1
Amazon; Barnes & Noble; Indigo; Chapters
An infertile woman’s desperate need to give her young husband a child puts her at the mercy of a powerful voodoo priestess.

Banjie the Beast
Edward Lake. Infinity Publishing, $17.95 paper (328p), ISBN 978-0-7414-8044-6; $3.55 e-book ASIN B008CFV284
Banjie Bellingston was transformed into a genetically engineered hybrid, with the DNA of a primate and a grizzly bear, with mutant abilities. Years later he must use his talents to try to save the city of St. Iyer.

Dreaming of a Father’s Love: A Tale from the Ohio Valley
Sharon A. Lavy. Story and Logic Media Group, $15.99 paper (442p), ISBN 978-0-615-72436-2; $6.99 e-book
We encourage a person to follow his father’s footsteps. But what if the person is female, snd the year is 1973?

The Book of Paul
Richard Long. Open Eyes, $19.95 paper (492p), ISBN 978-0-615-64864-4; $2.99 e-book
The Book of Paul is the first of seven volumes in a sweeping mythological narrative tracing the mystical connections between Hermes Trismegistus in ancient Egypt; Sophia, the female counterpart of Christ; and the Celtic druids of Clan Kelly.

Hurricane Lily
Rebecca Rogers Maher. $1.99 e-book ISBN 978-1-62539-537-5
(347) 228-7647
Lily Sawyer flees her controlling, wealthy New York family for a solitary Cape Cod home. With a hurricane approaching, she asks Cliff Buckley, an angry local carpenter, to storm-proof her house. A contemporary romance about class conflict, global warming, and the liberating power of righteous anger and good, hot sex.

The Three
Loribel Maldonado. Graciously Beginning, $9.99 paper (200p), ISBN 978-0-9856835-0-4; $9.99 e-book ISBN 978-0-9856835-1-1;; Amazon
A speculative fiction novella draws from the story of creation, filling in the blanks within the story as told in the Bible.

Master Gardener
Rolf Margenau. Frogworks Publishing, $23.95 paper (302p), ISBN 978-0-9882311-0-8; $2.99 e-book
Wylie Cypher, a retired attorney, helps fellow Master Gardeners thwart Big Agriculture’s nefarious plans to stop development of magical seeds. Meanwhile, ecoterrorists have plans to save the monarch butterfly.

Thomas A. Marks. Xlibris, $23.99 paper (674p), ISBN 978-1-4771-5383-3; $3.99 e-book ISBN 978-1-4771-5385-7; Amazon; Barnes & Noble
Leading conflicting but interconnecting lives, four characters involved in environmental issues inadvertently play roles in identifying threats, which could be catastrophic.

Cliff of the Ruin
Bonnie McKernan. Abbott Press, $24.99 paper (408p), ISBN 978-1-4582-0670-1; $3.99 e-book
Amazon;; Kobo; iBookstore
A lawyer and Civil War veteran tracks the mysterious disappearance of a woman’s husband, finding answers in an Irish castle ruin—along with murder.

The Murder Prospect
Lee Mossel. The Crude Detective, $12.99 paper (302p), ISBN 978-0-615-65237-5; $9.99 e-book
A Denver petroleum geologist, suffering career burnout, switches to private investigations and is immediately immersed in oil field fraud, dirty money, and murder.

It’s Nothing Personal
Kate O’Reilley. Quandary Publishing, $15.99 paper (386p), ISBN 978-0-9886633-1-2; $4.99 e-book ISBN 978-0-9886633-0-5
Dr. Jenna Reiner, an anesthesiologist, is hit by a major lawsuit and sets out to prove her innocence; inspired by a true story..

Lost and Found: Book One of Emi Lost & Found
Lori L. Otto. CreateSpace, $14.99 paper (402p), ISBN 978-1-4537-5540-2; $2.99 e-book ISBN
Artist Nate Wilson and Emi Hennigan have been friends since high school 12 years ago, but Nate has been in love with Emi. As they embark on a romantic journey, destiny reveals other plans for them both. First in a series.

Domestic Tranquility
Ken Pakman. Ignition Books, $14.99 paper (272p), ISBN 978-1-937868-15-4; $9.99 e-book ISBN 978-1-937868-14-7
All online booksellers; Ingram
October 1962: Cuba fires nuclear missiles against Miami. The U.S. retaliates against the U.S.S.R. JFK and LBJ are assassinated and as the U.S. sinks into chaos, the Joint Chiefs of Staff stage a coup and impose martial law. Fast forward 50 years: martial law still exists, and Chief Inspector Isaac January is the target of a conspiracy that leads to the very pinnacle of power.

Under a Tropical Sun
Pasky Pascual. Plot Hound Press, $9.99 paper (231p), ISBN 978-0-9887571-0-3
The headless corpses of three American Navy men lie on a beach in the Philippines in 1951. Two men hold the key to the murders: an American CIA analyst and a Filipino Communist rebel.

The K Street Affair
Mari Passananti. Rutland Square Press, $15.99 paper (360p), ISBN 978-0-9858946-0-3; $9.99 e-book ISBN 978-0-9858946-1-0
(617) 669-4686
What if a massive corporation, with political ties on both sides of the Atlantic, decided to start a war? Should one woman risk everything to try to stop it?

William D. Patterson. William D. Patterson, $4.49 e-book (338p), ASIN B009O0EUYO
Consultant Adam Mackenzie is monitoring an oil well being drilled in the lush tropical Yucatán, but the well has desecrated a sacred Mayan sinkhole and triggered an uprising. Mackenzie’s daughter is seized as the perfect human sacrifice, and Mackenzie must defeat the terror and squelch a rebellion to save both his daughter and the world. The novel won first place recognition at the Southeastern Writers Association annual competition.

Courtney Pierce. Courtney Pierce, $15.95 paper (268p), ISBN 978-0-9889175-0-7; $5.99 e-book
Jean and Spence Collins buy a trunk with a piece of magical fabric behind its false bottom. It leads the baby boomer couple on an adventure from Oregon to London and eventually the tomb of Nefertiti in Egypt as they sleuth their way toward retirement.

The Tease
Nikki M. Pill. Nikki M. Pill, $8.99 paper (188p), ISBN 978-1-4819-3850-1; $3.99 e-book ISBN 978-1-301-92237-6
Amazon; Smashwords
Anna is a therapist by day, burlesque dancer by night. Her personal and professional lives collide when a serial killer starts murdering her fellow dancers.

MFA, the Novel
Jason Rapczynski. CreateSpace, $19.95 paper (592p), ISBN 978-1-4791-4502-7; $4.99 e-book ISBN 978-1-62346-440-0
While gathering material for his autobiographical M.F.A. thesis, Rapczynski’s alter ego lives the “writer’s life” to the extreme in this work of transgressive fiction.

The 11th Hour of the 11th Day
Brenda Ritter. CreateSpace, $15.95 paper (384p), ISBN 978-1-4791-8523-8; $2.99 e-book
Amazon; Barnes & Noble
The story of Canadian Alfred Ouellette, one of the almost 620,000 Canadians who fought in WWI; nearly 10% of them died in battle. Ouellette survives the war, but life has dramatically changed for his family at home.

Sebastian: Secrets
Janey Rosen. CreateSpace, $9.99 paper (230p), ISBN 978-1-4818-2792-8; 99¢ e-book
The first novel in the Sebastian trilogy follows the protagonist’s journey into submission, a journey fraught with danger, erotica, humor, and tragedy.

The Mercy Project
Jeffrey Royer. JDR Global Press, $15.95 paper (274p), ISBN 978-0-9884401-0-4; $7.99 e-book ISBN 978-0-9884401-1-1
An intricate tale of greed and deception involves a top-secret U.S. government project to euthanize the elderly to cut health-care costs.

The Stages
Thom Satterlee. Thom Satterlee, $4.99 e-book (386p) ASIN B00AQA6JJ0
A murder mystery set in Copenhagen, Denmark, and narrated by an American with Asperger’s syndrome centers on the theft of a Soren Kierkegaard manuscript.

The Lighter Side of Large
Becky Siame. Lighter Side Media, $19.99 paper (390p), ISBN 978-0-9876625-2-1; $4.99 e-book ISBN 978-0-9876625-1-4
Behind 55 kilograms of excess fat is a woman on a mission. When her ex-husband and sister announce their upcoming wedding, Bella embarks on a mission: lose the weight, get a job, and find a man to prove they just can’t keep a good mother down.

Maulik Sompura. Maulik Sompura, $10.73 paper (287p), ISBN 978-0-9853820-0-1; $2.99 e-book ISBN
Mike leads a team of seasoned, highly skilled operatives on missions around the world to create a distraction—aka misdirection—so that other criminal groups can carry out their plans. But a manmade earthquake, a ruthless and mysterious boss, and a relentless enemy turn their world upside down, and the team members find themselves on the run to clear their names—and save their own lives.

Bellême: The Norman Warrior
Roy Stedall-Humphryes. Roy Stedall-Humphryes, $26.12 paper (476p), ISBN 978-1480177765; $9.68 e-book ISBN 978-1-62407-547-6
A historical novel based on the life of Robert de Bellême, a Norman baron, who battled against treachery and his enemy King Henry Iof England.

Defiant Heart
Marty Steere. Penfield Publications, $15.95 paper (386p), ISBN 978-0-9854014-4-3; $4.99 e-book ISBN 978-0-9854014-3-6
A young couple battles prejudice and misunderstanding to be together as the world plunges into war.

Fog: A Morgan Kendall Mystery
Linda Howe Steiger. CreateSpace, $14.99 paper (334p), ISBN 978-1-4802-3828-2; $2.99 e-book ISBN 978-1-301-80025-4
Amazon; Smashwords
Fog launches a mystery series set in California as Morgan Kendall, an amateur woman sleuth, negotiates plot twists and death penalty challenges. Discussion questions included.

The Trinity Signs
Scott M. Sullivan. Digital Ink Publishing, $9.99 paper (354p), ISBN 978-0-615-69312-5; $2.99 e-book ISBN 978-0-615-67187-1
Tobias, the last remaining member of the Guardians, a special group of knights supported by the Vatican, must jlocate the fabled Trinity Signs before evil’s grasp on humanity becomes irreversible.

Nunny & Cecil: A Tale of Terror
Gaila Swindell. CreateSpace, $12.95 paper (312p), ISBN 978-1-4781-7692-3; $1.99 e-book ISBN 978-1-4781-7692-3
Joe Rodman removes the contents of the graves in the earthen floor of his basement—a mistake that will cost him everything he holds dear.

Who Sings to the Dead
Max Tomlinson. Sendero Press, $14.95 (330p), ISBN 978-1-4819-3389-6; $2.99 e-book
Police fficer Nina Flores is hunting for a kidnapped Indian beggar girl in modern-day Peru. The suspected kidnapper resembles what locals call a ghost who hunts children. Or is this case connected to one 20 years earlier, during the country’s dirty war?

Unburying Hope
Mary Wallace. Road Angel Media, $15.99 paper (340p), ISBN 978-0-9854207-0-3; $9.99 e-book ISBN 978-0-9854207-1-0
In the broken Detroit economy, a young woman falls in love with a wounded Iraq War veteran fighting his hidden addictions. When she finds the courage to follow her dreams to Hawaii, the possibility of healing comes with the arrival of the vet’s recently discovered daughter.

The Umbrella Option
W.F. Walsh. Xlibris, $29.99 hardcover (278p), ISBN 978-1-4797-9964-0; $3.99 e-book ISBN 978-1-4797-9965-7
Special Agent Jeff Stein of Homeland Security is pitted against a terrorist group that plans to smuggle a nuclear device onto a cruise ship, sail it to Miami, and take out most of South Florida. Stein join forces with the feds, the mob, and a washed-up television actor to stop what could be the next 9/11 catastrophe.

Anaphylaxis: A Medical Thriller
Alan Anson Wanderer. Anson Publishing, $15.50 paper (342p), ISBN 978-1-4781-5943-8; $8.99 e-book
A scientist who’s discovered a cocaine vaccine dies from anaphylaxis after a routine allergy shot and the malpractice lawsuit that ensues is fanned by a politically ambitious senator. CBI agent Ben Locke connects these events with a cold case, and a nefarious plot implicating the mob is exposed.

Alison Wiley. Diamond-Cut Life Publishing, $14.95 paper (234p), ISBN 978-0-9856096-0-3
Ingram; Amazon
Revelle, a charismatic dancer who aspires to be a mother, learns her husband has burned all her possessions. The question of his arrest uncovers a complex past.

My Year as a Clown
Robert Steven Williams. Against the Grain Press, $7.99 e-book ISBN 978-0-9884030-0-0
When his wife of 20 years leaves him for another man, Chuck Morgan is abruptly forced back into the single lifestyle. He faces a fumbling, funny, emotionally raw year of relearning to live on his own.

Healing Water
Lynn Windham. Bookbaby, $2.99 e-book (246p) ISBN 978-1-62488-348-4
Amazon;, iBooks
Cassie arrives at the ranch to be the live-in accountant for two bachelor brothers. She soon discovers there are family secrets galore, but romance as well, wherein the powers of love, forgiveness, and redemption heal family wounds and restore a parched land.

One More Son
Matvei Zhivov. Amazon, $9.95 paper (232p), ISBN 978-1-4818-3425-4; $3.03 e-book
A Marine raises the child of the family he killed in the heat of battle, while the man whose family perished sets out on a trail of revenge.

Health & Fitness

The 7 Principles of Health: Your Call to Health Consciousness
Natasha Deonarain, M.D. Persephone’s Publishing, $14.99 paper (248p), ISBN 978-0-9886096-0-0
This book from the Health Conscious Movement is a clarion call for every American who is sick and tired of being sick and tired of today’s health-care system.

Diabetes Do’s & How To’s: Small yet Powerful Steps to Take Charge, Eat Right, Get Fit, and Stay Positive
Riva Greenberg. SPI Management, $16.95 paper (296p), ISBN 978-0-9822906-1-3
Here is the quintessential “owner’s manual” for those with diabetes and pre-diabetes.

Stop Dying Fat: Doctors Healing The Disease Of Obesity
Eleazar M. Kadile, M.D. Advantage Media Group, $14.99 paper (130p), ISBN 978-1-59932-190-5; $9.99 e-book
Dr. Kadile treats obesity like any other life-threatening disease, with four power principles, which will repair and revive the body through rapid weight loss with a slendergenic meal plan that is low in carbohydrates and high in protein and healthy fat intake.

Commanding Attention: A Parent and Patient Guide to More ADHD Treatment
Tess Messer. CreateSpace, $15.29 (328p), ISBN 978-1-4827-8667-5; $7.99 e-book ISBN 978-1-62590-218-4
Medication is not the only treatment for ADHD symptoms. Public health expert Tesser explains when and why other ADHD treatments sometimes help symptoms more effectively.


Why and How the Ice Age Ended
Raven Alb J., History. CreateSpace, $28.40 (448p), ISBN 978-1-4774-5438-1; $ e-book ISBN
Barnes & Noble; Amazon
A complex book about the ice age ending, the great flood that followed, and the history of European languages.

Juvenile Fiction

Toadies, Creepers Mysteries Book 2
Connie Kingrey Anderson. Movies for the Ear, $7.99 paper (142p), ISBN 978-1-935793-03-8; $2.99 e-book ISBN 978-1-935793-04-5
Amazon; online and indie bookstores
Harry, Gillian, and Arvin throw a Halloween party at the Old Hamstead Farm. They are drawn into the farm’s legend and the curse of a jealous witch, her toadies, and their broomsticks.

Hating Heidi Foster
Jeffrey Blount. Alluvion Press, $11.95 paper (120p), ISBN 978-0-9857627-0-4; $6.99 e-book
Heidi loses her father in a tragic accident and almost loses her mother to depression. Blaming her best friend, and going through old family memories, Heidi finds a way to heal.

Lost in Petra: An Anatolia Steppe Mystery
Melissa Mahle and Kathryn Dennis. SpyGirls Press, $8.99 paper (237p), ISBN 978-0-9852273-0-2; $5.99 e-book ISBN 978-0-9852273-1-9
Ingram; Baker & Taylor; Amazon;
An 11-year-old girl, lost in an exotic land, must find a fabled treasure to save her mother’s life.

Elemental: Bête Noir;
Joshua Guerrero. CreateSpace, $14.99 paper (274p), ISBN 978-1-4699-4520-0
Ezekiel Marek receives a package containing an amulet granting him the ability to control all eight elements. Now he will be tested against a monster loose in his small town.

Jack Templar Monster Hunter: The Templar Chronicles: Book One
Jeff Gunhus. Seven Guns Press, $10.95 paper (198p), ISBN 978-0988425903
Jack Templar discovers his hidden heritage as a monster hunter as he turns 14. When enigmatic Eva shows up to offer training and explanations, they are quickly attacked, propelling them into a nightmarish fight for survival against an age-old vampire and his hordes. The reader is warned that reading the book will attract the attention of monsters—a sure way to get a youngster to want to read it.

The Elephant of Surprise
Brent Hartinger. Buddha Kitty Books, $12.99 paper (230p), ISBN 978-0-9846794-5-4; $7.99 e-book ISBN 978-0-9846794-6-1
Amazon; Barnes & Noble; Ingram
The fourth book in the Lambda Award–winning Russel Middlebrook series that began with Geography Club (HarperCollins, 2003). Gay teen Russel finds unexpected romance and danger when he gets involved with a secret society of homeless outcasts.

The Crowded Kingdom
Louella Dizon San Juan. Louella Dizon San Juan, $7.99 e-book (115p) ISBN 978-1-62539-595-5
Vook; Amazon; iTunes
Two sisters, Jada and Jinny, discover a tiny fairy kingdom within New York City. They befriend elves, magical folk, and a rebel purple fairy with a penchant for power tools. But they also discover that the magical world has declared war on mankind.

The Dirty Laundry Monster
Alexander Kapustin, illus. by Thomas Barnett. CreateSpace, $9.99 paper (30p), ISBN 978-1-4823-3347-3
Two kids won’t put their dirty laundry in the hamper. Their mother threatens the mess may create a dirty laundry monster.

Aesop’s 1st Book of Childhood Adventures: Aesop’s Fables and Other Short Stories
Vincent A. Mastro, illus. by Anita Wells. Vangelo Media, $12.95 paper (38p), ISBN 978-0-9886791-1-5
Three of Aesop’s fables are told through the daily adventures of Aesop, a raccoon boy in the “why” stage of childhood.

Surviving Curtis Hall: The Lure of Blood
L.A. Matthies. iUniverse, $16.95 paper (256p), ISBN 978-1-4759-5266-7; $9.99 e-book ISBN 978-1-4759-5265-0
“In Surviving Curtis Hall: The Lure of Blood, debut author L.A.Matthies artfully navigates the teen angst generated by changing schools, new love, and significant secrets,” says Clarion Foreword Reviews.

Captain No Beard: An Imaginary Tale of a Pirate’s Life
Carole P. Roman. CreateSpace, $9.99 paper (40p), ISBN 978-1-4781-5170-8; 99¢ e-book
Captain No Beard sails the seas with his group of four, facing danger, adventure, and excitement. On the journey, they learn that both friendship and teamwork save the day.

I Want to Do Yoga, Too
Carole P. Roman. CreateSpace, $9.25 paper (11p), ISBN 978-1-4750-1558-4
A trip to the yoga studio has made Hallie unhappy because she wants to join her mother’s class. Unknowingly, she does four yoga poses with the sitter, learning that yoga is all around us and easy to do.

Red Rose and Blue Butterfly
Sara Sirotzky, illus. by Andra Weber. Ampersand, $17.95 hardcover (32p), ISBN 978-1-4507-9594-4; $ e-book ISBN;; (773) 769-9299
A warm story about friendship and dreams for children and adults.

Tom T’s Hat Rack: A Story About Paying It Forward
Michele Spry, illus. by Peggy A. Guest. Spry Publishing, $14.95 hardcover (104p), ISBN 978-0-9887782-2-1; $7.99 e-book ISBN 978-0-9887782-5-2
Shelby has a zest for life that can’t be tamed, and Tom dreams of helping others facing the challenges he faced not long ago. They join forces to help their community, and challenge readers to do the same.

Haee the Cat with a Crooked Tail
R.S. Vern. Middling Industries, $3.99 e-book (63p) ISBN 9789810701918
Haee is a middling cat with a long and crooked tail. Armed with curiosity and a thirst to seek out the extraordinary, Haee becomes known as the cat who rejects the discipline of the home yet desires some form of security.

Porcini’s Great Escape
Jeanne Yee. Robertson Publishing, $16.50 paper (78p), ISBN 978-1-61170-106-7; $2.99 e-book ISBN 978-0-9888164-0-4
An adventurous mushroom travels from her birthplace in the mountains of central Italy to the city of Rome as she dreams of avoiding the fate of being served with olive oil and parsley so she can see the world.

Juvenile Nonfiction

Chuck Yeager Goes Supersonic
Alan W. Biermann, illus. by Yaejin Lim. CreateSpace, $10.80 paper (48p), ISBN 978-1-4802-7632-1
Amazon; Ingram
Chuck Yeager grows up, becomes an Air Force test pilot, flies the X-1 rocket plane through the sound barrier, and rises to national fame.

The ABC’s and 123’s of Child Safety
Sharon Blacknall, illus. by Linda Ray. Inspiring Voices, $17.45 (46p), ISBN 978-1-4624-0437-7; $3.99 e-book ISBN 978-1-4624-0438-4
This is a fun and innovative 3-in-1 book designed to teach kids about 26 essential safety rules while they learn their alphabet and numbers.

Safe to and from School, That’s the Rule
Gloria M. Buley. Woodstock Safety Mirror Co., $9.95 (24p), ISBN 978-0-578-10625-0
(845) 247-3429
A coloring and activity book that teaches children about school bus safety.

Mei-Ling’s Forever Mommy
Susan Von Tobel, illus. by Regina Atwood and Mike Picco. Xlibris, $21.99 paper (40p), ISBN 978-1-4691-2578-7
Mei-Ling was born in China, abandoned, and sent to an orphanage where she patiently waits for her Forever Mommy, who travels from the United States to bring Mei-Ling home.


The History of Juvenile System and Civil Corruption in Pennsylvania, Vol. 1
Pinky Stanseski. CreateSpace, $18.50 paper (284p), ISBN 978-1-4699-1986-7; $5 e-book
Two Pennsylvania judges were convicted of putting children and teens into private prisons owned by the judges; this is an account of what they did and a society that incubated them.

Literary Criticism

Words in World Literature
Mark Corwin. Dorrance Publishing, $20 paper (176p), ISBN 978-1-4349-1834-5; $15 e-book ISBN 978-1-4349-1754-6
Texts in 12 foreign languages are accompanied with literal and idiomatic translations so that readers can appreciate the beauty and power of literature using two basic principles.


America’s Most Loved Foods
Steve Taylor. Steve Taylor, $19.99 paper, ISBN 978-0-9889306-0-5
(617) 584-7577
A mouth-watering photo journey of America’s most loved foods, plus a side order of history and culture and a dash of fun facts. Over 400 original photos.


Doorway to Heartbreak, Path to Hope... Our Adoption Journey
Randy Harper. Publish Green, $7.99 e-book (501p), ePub ISBN 978-1-938296-84-0; MOBI ISBN 978-1-938296-83-3
Harper recounts the heart-wrenching story of adopting two special needs children, adding to his family of three biological children, and the strains of dealing with multiple diagnoses and navigating bureaucracies and therapies. Throughout, the family relies on instinct, trial and error, faith, and a steady sense of humor.

Software and Mind: The Mechanistic Myth and Its Consequences
Andrei Sorin. Andsor Books, $68 hardcover (944p), ISBN 978-0-9869389-0-0
A study of the role of software in society, the fallacies propagated by the software elites, and the degradation of minds caused by these fallacies.

Secret Voices from the Forest: Thoughts and Dreams of North American Trees, Vol. 1: The West
Laura J. Merrill. Myth & Magic, $28.95 paper (179p) ISBN 978-0-9848299-0-3; Amazon
Presents trees as sentient beings, with a personality and a voice, with fun and informative facts about specific trees, their environments, some of the plants and animals within their areas. In addition, the book is a tool in the journey to self. Original, full-color illustrations.


A Million Miles from Broadway: Musical Theatre Beyond New York and London
Mel Atkey. Friendlysong Books, $30 paper (296p), ISBN 978-0-9916957-0-6; $9 e-book ISBN 978-1-291-09353-7; Amazon; Barnes and Noble
An examination of musical theater as it has developed in such countries as Australia, Canada, South Africa, Argentina, and Japan.


Eddy’s Life Poetry
Edward M. Donnelly. CreateSpace, $12 paper (56p), ISBN 978-1-4636-0941-2; $8 e-book ISBN 978-1-4636-0941-2
This debut collection reveal the author’s heart and the experiences that have left an indelible mark on his life.

Passages II: Brown Doves
Helen Drayton. Helen Drayton, $23.13 paper (120p), ISBN 978-1-4781-6004-5; $5.77 e-book
Amazon; other retailers
A collection of rich and descriptive verse uncovers emotional nuances and captivating glimpses of contemporary aspects of life.

Have You Lost Faith in Almighty God?
Rosemary Karshis. RoseDog Books, $12 paper (70p), ISBN 978-1-4349-3159-7; $7 e-book ISBN 978-1-4349-7226-2
Inspirational poetry speaks to the heart of the true believer and invites those unsure of the power of the Lord to into his loving home.

B. Morrison. Cottey House Press, $13 paper (96p), ISBN 978-0-9789253-2-1; $5.99 e-book ISBN 978-0-9789253-5-2
This new collection explores the haunted places of the past to find the pattern of a life.


Gift of a Servant
Tamara Amos. Mystical Rose, $19.95 hardcover (40p), ISBN 978-0-9857405-0-4
A Christian gift book presents the Christ-centered reason for Santa’s annual visit, revealing his mission of love, in a fictional and poetic tale.

Faith Through Fire: Rwanda and Me
Randall Bennett. CreateSpace, $10.99 paper (254p), ISBN 978-1-4783-4259-5; $8.99 e-book
The inspirational story of a man’s experiences and struggles as his faith is challenged before, during, and after the 1994 genocide in Rwanda.

John’s Gospel: The Way It Happened
Lee Harmon. Langdon Street Press, $19.99 paper (440p), ISBN 978-1-938008-42-9
What happens when John’s Gospel is pulled out from the shadow of the other three and its author given a voice of his own?

The Master of Evolution: An Illustrated Voyage of Truth and Light
Gregory Hatton. Universal Wisdom Publications, $34.95 hardcover (256p), ISBN 978-0-9880275-2-7
An inspiring story combines science fiction and Christianity. An astronaut travels to the moon and encounters an angel who takes the astronaut on a voyage through billions of light years of space-time revealing spiritual visions reconciling evolution theory with Christianity and showing that Christ saved humankind from extinction. Full color througout, with 30 full-page illustrations.

Ollie and Taavi Celebrate the Holidays;
Ellen Press, Religion. CreateSpace, $10.99 paper (28p), ISBN 978-1466287211; $6.99 e-book ISBN 978-1-62345-302-2
Ollie and Taavi are two Jewish dogs that like to celebrate the holidays. Whether they are lighting the candles for Shabbat, saying “I’m sorry” on Yom Kippur, or eating matzo during Passover, these two furry friends do things their own way.

The Search: Eternity, Mortality, and You
Robert E. Ryan. Xulon Press, $14.99 paper (143p), ISBN 978-1-62509-217-5
Amazon; Barnes & Noble; Powell; other bookstores
A scientific and religious examination of the multi-cosmic intellect we know as God, and a look at your inner self.

Christian Controversies: Seeking the Truth
Scott S. Haraburda. Meaningful Publications, $29.99 hardcover (378p), ISBN 978-0-9886072-0-0; $15.99 paper; $9.99 e-book
Amazon; Barnes & Noble
Well documented, clear language discusses Scripture with a real-world perspective of Christianity; a must-read for all who profess to be Christian.


High Tide on Main Street: Rising Sea Level and the Coming Coastal Crisis
John Englander. The Science Bookshelf, $19.95 paper (244p), ISBN 978-0-615-63795-2; $9.95 e-book
After 6,000 years of minimal change, we are entering a new era of rapid sea level rise. In clear, easy-to-understand language, this book explains the science and myths behind sea level rise and how we can begin to adapt to a rapidly changing coastline.


Nine Insights for a Happy and Successful Life
Mitchell Earl Gibson, M.D. Tybro Publications, $14.99 paper (226p), ISBN 978-1-935674-26-9; 99¢ e-book ISBN 978-1-4566-0343-4
This book shows methods that will help you discover the true joy that hides within you, methods that will transform your outlook.

Giving Is Not Just for the Very Rich: A How-To Guide for Giving and Philanthropy
Susan Aurelia Gitelson. CreateSpace , $13.99 paper (176p), ISBN 978-1-4681-1104-0; $9.99 e-book
The president of International Consultants offers help in refining priorities, becoming aware of how to make an impact, and choosing charitable organizations wisely. It advises readers on how to create meaningful, innovative contributions that will benefit others.

How I Sold a Ton of Books, and How You Can, TooLester V. Horwitz. Farmcourt Publishing, $39.95 paper (232p), ISBN 978-0-9670267-6-3; (513) 295-0464
The secrets of self-publishing are shown in this workbook loaded with practical and proven information. Includes the e-book option and how authors are using social media.

A Single Mother, s Few Perspectives
Mary Elizabeth Jones, Self-Help. CreateSpace, $8.99 paper (81p), ISBN 978-1479352074; $ e-book ISBN
One of the few guides specifically about single parenthood, this is a must-have resource for any single parent, informative, but an engaging and appealing read as well.

Stepping Into More: Lessons from a Recovering Perfectionist
Rachel Karu. Winsome Entertainment Group, $11.99 paper (206p), ISBN 978-1-62407-637-4; $8.99 e-book
A self-help autobiography chronicles, with honesty and humor, the author’s journey from fearful perfectionist to empowered performer. Karu details her personal journey of wrangling and ultimately coexisting with her gremlins.

Interiority Powered How to Use Your Inner Energies at Work
Hugh Leonard. Deiorse Books, $25.95 paper (422p), ISBN 978-0-9853415-0-3
(323) 299-3224
This book, and the workshops based on it, provide tools for workers to become aware they are a center of power for productivity and satisfaction.

Medicine Is a Team Sport: How to Become a Team Player in Your Own Health Care
Dean Limeri. Dean Limeri, M.D., $8.99 paper (95p), ISBN 978-1-4782-1835-7; $6.99 e-book
CreateSpace; Amazon; Barnes & Noble
A guide, filled with real world examples, that teaches patients how to better interact and communicate with their doctor(s).

It’s Not Your Fault, and I Can Prove It
Steve Shenk. Grape Vine Blue, $37.95 hardcover (368p), ISBN 978-0-9847959-4-9; $37.95 e-book ISBN 978-0-9847959-6-3; Amazon
Shenk leads the reader through the secrets to finding the magnificence in life by presenting magic gifts of hope, wisdom, peace, joy, and the understanding of how things work.

Dancing to the Rhythm of My Soul: A Sister’s Guide for Transforming Madness into Gladness
Rhonda R. Swan. Conscious Mind Press, $16.95 hardcover (192p), ISBN 978-0-9742645-5-4
For troubled women, “Angry Black Women,” seeking help to fix their broken lives, Swan offers practical strategies based on her own experience as a breast cancer survivor and single mother of three.

Social Science

The Myth of Race
Jefferson M. Fish,. Argo Navis Author Services, $19.99 paper (154p), ISBN 978-0-7867-5436-6; $9.99 e-book ISBN 978-0-7867-5437-3
Amazon; Barnes & Noble; internationally; bookstores
The book explains that biological race does not exist for humans, but that appearance and genes are often mistaken for it. Social race is simply a set of cultural categories for labeling people based on how their ancestors were classified and selected aspects of what they look like, and that differs in different cultures.

Sports & Recreation

Your Money & the Casino: What to Know Before You Go
Missouri Rick. 4-deuce Books, $14.99 paper (144p), ISBN 978-0-9889717-0-7; $2.99 e-book ISBN 978-0-9889717-1-4; Amazon
Make the casino win your money—don’t hand it over mindlessly. Learn how the house advantage eats your bankroll, and what to do about it.

The Tenth Man: How a Major League Baseball Team Can Gain a 2 to 3 Run Advantage Every Game
Bill Welch. RoseDog Books, $31 paper (442p), ISBN 978-1-4349-3079-8; $26 e-book ISBN 978-1-4349-7147-0
(800) 788-7654
Welch’s Baseball Analysis and Reporting (BARS) system proves that runs can be saved by better defensive positioning and makes traditional statistics obsolete.

If Only I Could Play That Hole Again: And Other Golf Poems
Leon S. White. Golfiana Press, $4.99 e-book ISBN 978-0-9832137-9-6
Amazon;; Apple
Poetry for golfers who cherish the game for its perversities as well as its pleasures and who embrace new and exhilarating golf experiences.