Patti Davis, author, actress and the daughter of Ronald and Nancy Reagan, is the latest notable author to give self-publishing a try. Though mostly a nonfiction writer, Davis self-published her new novel, Till Human Voices Wake Us, in March via Amazon’s KDP service and now she is publishing a paperback edition through Amazon’s CreateSpace service today.

The book is the first of three new novels that Davis will self-publish via Amazon’s KDP direct self-publishing service and in paperback via Amazon’s CreateSpace service. In Till Human Voices Wake Us David tells the fictional story of a mother, in grief after the death of her young son, who falls in love with her sister-in-law.

On the books’ Amazon page, Davis posted her explanation for trying self-publishing after publishing eight books with conventional publishers: “I find myself in the same situation many authors do these days. Getting publishers to say yes is really hard. Particularly with fiction. So I've dipped my toe into self-publishing.”

Davis wrote that while publishers showed “a lot of interest” in the new novel there were no offers. She said that after years of writing about her famous family, “maybe this non-autobiographical novel was too much of a departure for publishers to wrap their heads around. But now there is KDP and the room to publish a book yourself.”