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All 179 titles submitted for our 12th edition of PW Select.

PW Select July 2013: Patti Davis Goes DIY
For Patti Davis--author, actress, and daughter of Ronald Reagan and Nancy Davis--doing it herself has finally made her feel like the author she wants to be.

Christian Self-Publishers Finally Get Some Respect
These days, Christian self-publishing has moved from the Rodney Dangerfield era to the Aretha Franklin age.

Print and Distribution for Self-Published Authors
Eight years ago, when Jane Karker opened Custom Museum Publishing in Rockland, Maine, she attracted not only artists, museums, and galleries for her services but also writers who wanted to self-publish their work.

PW Select July 2013: Three Keys to Self-Publishing Success
Want to succeed in the self-publishing world? Here are some important tips from Bookworks to help you make the most of your book.

PW Select July 2013: Reaching Readers Beyond Family and Friends: PW Talks with Chris Cander
Chris Cander’s 11 Stories received a starred review from PW Select, with our reviewer saying: “Her conclusion provides grounds for belief in the possibility of redemption; her sensitivity ensures that this novel will appeal to anyone with a story to tell, a group that includes us all.”

PW Select July 2013: PW Talks with Brent Hartinger
It’s been 10 years since Brent Hartinger’s novel Geography Club first hit the shelves. A lot has changed since the publication of this book, which tells the story of closeted Russel Middlebrook, who forms a support club for isolated gay students.

Smashwords Self-Published Bestseller List, May 2013
Welcome to the first of PW's monthly self-published bestseller lists, powered by Smashwords.

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