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All titles submitted for our 13th edition of PW Select.

PW Select August 2013: Amazon Discovers New Voices
Since 2008, the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award has discovered and published authors, many of whom have never been published before. In this contest, which is capped at 10,000 entries, the book pitch and the manuscript are what matter—not an author’s track record or book industry connections.

PW Select August 2013: Understanding Copyright - What Every Indie Author Needs to Know
So what’s the fuss all about? Did Eliot really steal from other poets, or were Frost and Cummings just jealous? Why wasn’t the work of those dead poets protected by copyright, or was it? Good question.

PW Select August 2013: Writer on the Storm - John Densmore
It is probably hard for most people to imagine turning down several million dollars for just signing one’s name. But that is what John Densmore, drummer for the Doors, did in 2004, when Cadillac offered $15 million to use the band’s hit “Break on Through (to the Other Side)” in a car commercial—a record-breaking sum for a licensing fee.

PW Select August 2013: Ingrid Ricks’s Great Escape
In her youth, Ingrid Ricks was in constant search for escape. She grew up stifled by an overbearing stepfather who wielded his Mormonism with all the tenderness of a war club. She rebelled against the confines of both religion and poverty—fantasizing that she was a forgotten sibling of the Osmonds and that in time the famous family—her real family—would return for her. And be sure to check out the latest round of reviews, including four stars.