Publishers Weekly is once again expanding PW Select -- the magazine's popular program for indie authors -- and widening its coverage of the self-publishing industry.

In addition to a recently launched monthly newsletter, the print edition of PW Select will now be published every month, while reviews of indie titles will soon be published online on a weekly basis, allowing PW to cover an increased and broader array of self-published titles.

The October issue of PW Select will feature the first installment in a new indie success stories series, as well as listings, reviews, news, profiles, Q&As, and features.

Additional enhancements and changes to PW Select include:

  • Authors may now submit singles (i.e. books between 5,000 and 30,000 words that are sold primarily as e-books).
  • Authors may now submit reissues (i.e. books for which they have reclaimed the rights and are now marketing on their own). If a book has been previously reviewed, PW Select will republish the review as part of the program.
  • Any book -- regardless of copyright date -- previously unregistered is now eligible for PW Select.
  • All English language titles are now eligible for PW Select, as long as an e-book edition can be purchased in the U.S.

Also coming to PW Select in 2014, PW Select will include category close-ups that foucs on indie publishing within genres like romance, mystery, and sci-fi. Due to a unique partnership with Westbow Press, the focus of the November issue will be religion.

For more information on PW Select, please email, and check out the August issue.